Picture Keeper Review and Giveaway!

Does anyone else have an addiction to taking photos of their baby? I must have thousands! I am very paranoid that I will lose them somehow and keep backing everything up to various places- my phone, computer, Google+ and Picassa. The result is that I have numerous copies of some photos and can never find the one I am actually looking for! I am also wasting a lot of memory by replicating most of the photos.

Soooo…I was more than happy when I was offered to review a Picture Keeper! I had been looking for storage devices for all my photos and was looking for the best device. If I had got a normal storage drive then it would have resulted in me having to spend hours making sure no pictures were duplicates OR just being lazy and copying everything over, including duplicates and thus wasting space.

Picture Keeper
Picture Keeper

But with this device I didn’t have to worry about replicates as it removes replicates for  you! whoopie! I fitted nearly 4,000 photos on it and I am soooo happy and relieved that I have a back up of all of my photos of Thomas! Picture keeper is developed by Simplified IT Products,  there is embedded software on the drive that does all of the work for you. No software to install, no wires to connect, and no passwords to remember. In addition it is small, not a brick. Easy-as-pie. Just what a busy mama needs!!

Small and easy to use
Small and easy to use

There are 4 sizes of Picture Keeper drives PK-4 which can store up to 4,000 photos, PK-8 which can store up to 8,000 photos; PK-16 which can store up to 16,000 photos and the PK Pro which can store up to 250,000 photos. This is based on pictures being 5 mega-pixels each. I received the PK-4 for this review. You can buy them on Amazon

The only down size- I need the bigger version! The PK Pro is now on my Christmas list!

I’ve got one of these to give away to a follower, they make excellent presents! The give away ends Christmas Eve night (11pm UK time) so hurry and get your entries in!

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