Baby Changing Bags I Want To Carry

Arghh so I’ve spent a few months now browsing baby changing bags…I agree with Paula Taylor in that most baby changing/diaper bags are hideous!!! I like my current bag collection and there was no way that I was going to ruin any of them with spilt milk and nappies! So I really needed to find a changing bag that I wouldn’t mind carrying around with me….I’m not a pink frilly person….and most changing bags were pink and frilly or totally frumpy :(

So here is my list of bags that I would carry around and the one that I eventually went for:

Now first on the list was a Tumi  Voyageur Bag (not technically a changing bag) but it did have all the pockets I needed and was waterproof, light and is really durable…Bicester village has 25% off at the moment on top of their usual discount (bag is normally £345) making it around £200


Timi & Leslie Charlie Convertible Baby Bag has a sleek design and looked very fashionable and at £175 is not too expensive for a changing bag …(most I’ve seen cost £90-130 and they are hideous!)


Babymel Amanada Bag is lightweight and looks good and the price is very good at around £55. It has 7 different compartments and has insulated pockets to keep milk warm, and comes with its own changing mat.


StorkSak Nina Baby changing bag is another favourite…comes with changing mat as well as a bottle holder, it has 7 compartments inside too!


Pecapod Frienze Changing Bag is chic and comes in my favourite bag colour! It’s £265…a bit pricey, but it’s so nice I would be willing to use it as a travel bag for myself after the baby grows as it does say the inside compartments can be taken out and a laptop can fit inside :) Also, inside has a unique 3-in-1 organising system, with a changing mat and a changer pod and feeder pod that keep feeding and changing supplies separated hygienically…..nice touch :)


So what did I finally go for……well I am British and there is a London designer that I really like (no it’s not Kath Kidson! I did look at these bags but wasn’t convinced on the durability of the fabric) and she happens to design baby changing bags! whoo hoo! My choice was the Lisa Stickley Irene Baby Changing Bag 


Lisa Stickley Irene Bag comes with a changing mat and inside has 2 pockets for bottles and 3-4 smaller pockets for nappies and other things, the main compartment is really  big too so I can fit lots in there!! The handles are leather and it has a removable shoulder strap. The best thing about the bag is that I can wipe it easily both inside and out :) It’s usually £130 in John Lewis but I got a good discount on it at the end of season sale :) As well the green in the bag perfectly matches with the Uppababy Vista stroller in green that I am getting :) perfect match!!

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