Third Trimester Workouts

So…I was 39 weeks pregnant yesterday….and I’ve been thinking about how I have changed my workouts to better fit my growing bump and changes in stamina.

I still have loads of energy and feel great. I put this down to keeping active all throughout this pregnancy. It has only been the last 2 weeks that I have even had to change my workouts to any great extent. This is because after 15 mins or so on the cross-trainer I get a cramp like pain and  it looks as though the tendon/muscle above my ankle sticks out a bit. After 2 mins rest all goes back to normal though.  So I now do 10 mins on the cross trainer, 10 mins on exercise bike and 10 mins on the step machine or walking on the treadmill to do my 30 mins of cardio. I find it breaks it up and I have no pain :) I try to go to the gym 4 times a week.

  • Cross-trainer- 10 mins- level 5/6- speed 6.5 – 7.5
  • Exercise Bike- 10 mins – level 8 – fast as I can go that is comfortable
  • Treadmill – 10 mins- 2.0 incline – pace 5.5 km per hour.

On days I don’t go to the gym I still walk my 5km run route around a lake (but I make sure I get 1-2 rest days a week). Now…I know…. I shouldn’t be walking too far by myself….but there are so many mums with pushchairs and people running around this lake I feel really comfortable doing it by myself. Also, it totally relaxes me and I feel great whenever I go there! (My husband is also only a 10 min walk away at our gym when I go and if I call him he will run and come help me!). It takes me 45-50 mins to do the whole 5km.

After cardio in the gym I try to do some toning exercises for my arms. This is what I do:

If I have time, I also do some lunges to work my legs. Before I used to use weights, but now I don’t because I am carrying more than enough weight on me! LOL (see example here: I do 20 lunges each leg, holding a rail for stability. I don’t use the hip abductors machines any more as I don’t feel comfortable using them now I’ve got bigger….so I stopped when I was around 36 weeks pregnant.

Then I do some basic stretching touching my toes whist standing, then touching my toes whilst sitting on floor. Then sitting with legs open in front of me and trying to touch one foot at a time. As well as stretching my legs this also stretches my sides and back. Then bringing in my feet so the bottom of my feet touch and try to push my knees down to stretch my inner thighs. (For an example see:

Then I do warrior pose to open up my hips, which is good in pregnancy! (for example see:

Pelvic tilts are also good in pregnancy and sometimes I do them in the middle of the night if I get a stiff back! LOL

On days I don’t go to the gym I still try to do some stretching otherwise I get stiff!!

Pic I took on my walk yesterday
Pic I took on my walk yesterday

***These exercises work for me BUT please work at your own pace, get a doctor to advise you***

There are also some really good resources about fitness in your 3rd trimester, for example the blog Knocked Up Fitness has some really good tips, see:

Fit Pregnancy Magazine also has some great tips, especially for stretching! see here:

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