30 Week Bump Update

I am 29+5 weeks pregnant….nearly 30 weeks then :)

Weight gain: 10.5 kg so far ….due to resting a lot the past few weeks…I haven’t gained anything this week as have been back at the gym after being ill.20130330_012946

Maternity clothes: Nothing! I am making do with my limited 2 maternity legging, yoga pants and my large t-shirts and baggy jumpers lol

Stretch marks: nope, not yet…slapping on my mama mio oil though!!….it is getting itchy, I can feel the pressure of my skin stretching and I am seeing lots of veins though!

Sleep: it’s OK….some nights are rough…I sleep with 2 pillows by  my side to take pressure off my hips. Sometimes I get really bad rib pain when I sleep still :(

Belly button: In

Wedding rings on or off: On

Constipation?: None- thanks to my pregnancy diet!

Heartburn?: Nope- but have had acid reflux for a few days now…think it could be down to eating heavy meals at night the past couple of days at friend’s houses…I stayed in last night and had a salad and everything went back to normal!!

Mood: I haven’t had any mood swings….yet :) and am feeling really happy and super excited!! just over 2 months to go!!!! 10 weeks arghhhh

Best part of 3rd trimester: The beginning of the third trimester was exciting in itself- this is the final stretch ladies!! Also feeling the baby kick a lot more now :) and I can see the movements too :) (I have an anterior placenta so haven’t felt much movement before this!)

Worst part of 3rd trimester: At 27 weeks I got a bad cold and stayed in bed for a week, couldn’t breathe through my nose…was so frustrating!!! I refused paracetamol and really really wanted olbas oil but saw it wasn’t recommended in pregnancy boo! then got hit in the stomach with a tennis racket by a 2 year old having a tantrum….this lead to pain and cramps…so rested a lot for a few days too…all this lack of activity meant my weight gain has gone up up and up!!! but now I am back at the gym and this week have stayed the same weight :) lucky, as I was 1kg over recommended weight gain for my height at the beginning of last week! now I am just inside the recommended weight gain phew! can’t believe how much difference exercise and staying active makes!!!!

I am also feeling a really heavy feeling in my lower pelvis area….I think this could be due to baby pushing down and getting into position for birth….sometimes it’s soooo uncomfortable!!

Bump pic: I look a lot bigger when you look sideways!  (See above pic)

30 weeks pregnant
30 weeks pregnant

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