25 week bump update!

25 weeks this week (on Wednesday)! I have my 25 week midwife appointment on Thursday which I am REALLY looking forward to!! I haven’t seen my midwife for 10 weeks!!! I think that is far too long to wait, specially as I’ve had a lot of worries and questions  I have wanted to ask her…but can never get through to the number she gave me :( it just rings and rings and no one answers!!!

So this is my 1st bump update since my 1st trimester one!! I’ve grown a lot!! And had a scare- my friend’s 2 year old caught Parvovirus B19 (5th disease/slapped cheek) and I’ve been spending a lot of time with them since I was 19 weeks :( so as soon as she found out she called to let me know, which was really nice of her. I had a blood test to see if I’m immune but I am STILL waiting for the result!! It’s been 2 weeks now and I could have contracted the virus for over 5 weeks now…so I did get a little stressed when the nurse kept telling  me it would be ‘another few days’ every time I rang to ask for the results….I hate it when they don’t know and promise 2 more days and then never stick to it!! it’s happened 3 times now!! I did get a little fever around week 21/22 so am a bit worried I am not immune to it…and from week 23-24 I really didn’t feel my baby kick a lot. Just some movement a few days a week but not a lot of kicking going on and not everyday :(      (which was weird as weeks 20-23 I got into a routine of him kicking around 11am and 11pm everyday).

ANYWAY I am tryinggggg to think positive, more than 50% of women are immune to the virus so I really hope I am one of them! and/or didn’t contract it in the first place!! AND last night I felt the baby moving around and he kicked quite a few times!! whoo hoo… so I am thinking maybe he was just in a weird position or something and therefore I didn’t feel him kick a lot! The nurse told me my blood test results should be back Monday- so fingers crossed they will actually turn up this time!! They keep telling me there is nothing they can do anyway, so all I can do it try and relax and just wait…. easier said than done! 

Weight gain: 6 kg (14lbs) so far (weighed myself at 24 weeks, midwife will weigh me again on Thursday)

Maternity clothes: I got 3 yoga pants last week…as I couldn’t fit into my normal gym trousers any more! The rest of the time I’ve just been wearing the pregnancy leggings I bought in my first trimester and my  normal T-Shirts/jumpers.

Stretch marks: nope, not yet…slapping on my mama mio oil though!!

Sleep: it’s OK….some nights are rough…I sleep with 2 pillows by  my side to take pressure off my hips. Sometimes I get really bad rib pain when I sleep :( I have to get up and stretch…it’s like I broke a rib or something, it even hurts when I breathe in!

Belly button: In

Wedding rings on or off: On

Constipation?: None- thanks to my pregnancy diet!

Heartburn?: Nope- again I think it’s down to what I’m eating.

Mood: I haven’t had any mood swings….yet :) and am feeling really happy and super excited!! just over 3 months to go!!! I am feeling really ‘nesty’ though….I’ve bought more or less everything already and am waiting for the cot to be delivered which will be the last thing we need!! but it’s not due to arrive until mid-May!! arghh!! but I guess that gives me something to look forward to!!

Best part of 2nd trimester: The 20 week scan and feeling the baby kick more! The NHS scan couldn’t tell the gender as baby was curled up in a ball and sleeping :) but luckily he was all healthy. So we went to get a private scan later the same day and it is definitely a boy!! The private scan also dated the due date differently!! so the NHS think due date is 3rd July but the private nurse thinks due date is 28th June!! which is even sooner than expected yeeeey :)

We have been busy buying everything we need for the baby….we have gone a bit mad but we are so glad that we have everything out of the way so we don’t have to do any last minute shopping when I am too big to walk around for hours easily!!

Worst part of 2nd trimester: The virus scare I had and not being able to get in touch with my midwife easily :( I am looking forward to Thursday and will ask her how better to contact her! Other than that all I can complain about is feeling a little stiff and my back/ribs hurting when I sleep…..but luckily I have good energy and am still getting to the gym 4-5 days a week :)

Bump pics:

Pregnancy bump .... I've grown quite quickly from week 20....I actually look pregnant now!!!
Pregnancy bump …. week 14 you can see a small bump, like I’ve eaten too many mince pies over Christmas! Then my entire waist expanded by week 21. Now at week 25 my stomach is sticking out- I actually look pregnant now whoo hoo!

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