My pregnancy Workouts in the 2nd trimester!

So…I am 18 weeks pregnant and my energy levels are minimal…it feels like a struggle to get to the gym most days, in fact, I haven’t been to the gym for 3 days now! So what do I do at the gym when I do go? and if I don’t go to the gym….what do I do to stay fit at home?

One of the main things I miss since getting pregnant is running….actually you can run when you are pregnant but what I do is power-walk, on nice days I power-walk around my 5km run route or I power-walk to the local food store (about 1 mile away) and back carrying groceries…. this all burns calories without going to the gym! On days where I feel really rough, I try to do a little housework to burn a few calories as well as get some yoga stretching in… is amazing how much better I feel after stretching!

For days that I do get to the gym (4 days a week) here is my routine:

Cardio Days:

5 min warm up treadmill (6.5 speed)

30 min cross-trainer (elliptical) level 5 mostly (on good days level 6 or 7) trying to keep above speed 10.0

10 min on the step machine at level 6

cool down- all over body stretching on the mats.

Strength Days:

5 min warm up on the treadmill (6.5 speed)

20 min cross-trainer (yes I still do a bit of cardio) but this time I do more intervals- 1 min level 4, and 3 mins level 8 and keep repeating and trying to pull with my arms a lot more than usual to get a good arm workout.

Then I spend 20-30 mins on weights- for most weights I do sets of 3×15 reps.

Arms: Lat pull down 25kg (to work the back, shoulders)

Tricep extensions 20kg (to work the back of my arms….free weights or on the machine)

Chest Press 15-20kg to keep the chest toned…something all pregnant women should consider as I’ve noticed as everything is getting larger it could do with more toning!!

Legs: Hip abduction (both machines, one of inner thighs and one for outer thighs) for some reason I can do the outer-thighs at 50kg but my inner thighs at only 40kg haha….

Leg Press: 50kg and on this machine I do more reps- 3 sets of 20 and then 1 set of 10 at a really REALLY slow pace…it burns!! :) I don’t bend my legs as much as I used to as my stomach gets in the way now!! haha so I make sure I am not squashing my bump at all!

Mat work: After machines I do some mat work to stretch out the muscles I’ve worked…starting with downward dog. Downward dog is an excellent yoga pose for pregnant women!! It also helps to stretch out the back of my legs!! The I sit crossed legged and stretch up with one arm to the ceiling and follow on the other side…great for my sides as they have started to ache since my bump has been getting bigger!  Then still sitting I chest stretch by putting my hands behind my back, locking them and pulling my chest forwards….great after the chest press!

Then still sitting I do a waist twist…by putting my left hand out behind where I’m sitting and twisting to the left…I can twist myself more by gripping to floor….I am always careful twisting and don’t push myself too much! Then I put my legs out in front of my and try to touch each ankle/toes….which I can usually do but since I can bend forward as much now I don’t really ever get to my toes!

Then end with another downward dog, I am fine doing this as I do yoga every Thursday and am used to it, but I think for pregnant women in their third trimester they should be careful of downward dog and just do leg stretches standing up against a wall and pushing one foot back after another or do a child’s pose….which I may end up doing in a few months….let’s see how it goes!

OK I’m off to the gym now! bye!

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