The Wedding

I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages (since our 2nd wedding anniversary! oops!)…it’s all about our wedding day…it seems like an eternity ago now! But it’s good to remember it once in a while! Life is so different now…2.5 years later with an 18 month old baby!


How we met…

I met Patra through his sister sister. She was studying for a PhD at Bath University with me. One weekend Patra came to visit and he came with us to the cinema. We went to watch Public Enemies with Johnny Depp in….it wasn’t very good…but we got to talking after the movie and kept talking ever since! And that was 6 years ago now!

After knowing each other for just 4 months, Pat proposed. We were engaged for 3 years before we got married.

The Wedding….

wedding steeple claydon We got married in July 2012, on a Monday. To cut a long story short, a Chinese fortune teller in Bangkok gave us the date. It was the only auspicious date for us to get married on that year and as Patra’s mum is very superstitious, we had to get married on that date. This did mean we only had a couple of months to plan, but the good thing was that not many places were booked up on a Monday!

We kept it small, we had 40 guests and 2 bridesmaids. Only Patra’s mum and sister came over from Bangkok, the rest was my family. We had planned to go back to Thailand not long after the wedding to have another ceremony with his family, but are still living in the UK nearly 3 years on!

We got married at the same church where my parents got married in a small village in North Buckinghamshire. The wedding definitely had an English country vibe. My family are all from small villages in North Bucks and I love the countryside. Walking into church we had Pachelbel’s Canon in D playing and leaving the church we had Mendelssohn’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.

english country wedding

After the ceremony we all headed to The Dairy in Waddesdon Manor near Aylesbury. It is a beautiful house set in amazing grounds owned by the Rothschild family. The Dairy is a specialised wedding venue, voted one of the top 10 venues in the UK to have a wedding in – and I completely agree it was amazing and I felt so lucky to be able to celebrate there.

The Dairy at Waddesdon

The dress…

Well, I chose my wedding dress in under 15 minutes in the first dress shop I went in! As I only had a few weeks to prepare I couldn’t get a dress made for me. I had wanted a lace long sleeved dress but it would have taken 3-4 months to make. To be honest, I never really could imagine myself getting married, it was so surreal trying on dresses! I went to the best wedding dress shop I knew of, Once Upon a Time in Stony Stratford, as I didn’t want to mess around going to loads of different shops. They only had 4 dresses in my size, 2 were too big and 1 was too tight which left 1 dress and I snapped it up. I took Patra with me and he said he liked it….I’m not superstitious about the groom seeing me in the dress! He brought me a small tiara to go with the dress as a surprise as I was getting changed, he was so excited about it! The dress I ended up getting was a strapless Lusan Mandongus dress in ivory, very plain with a bow on the front. It was a bit too big so I got it taken in and it was ready a week before the wedding.

wedding dressThe Flowers…

My mum loved freesias, she had a freesia bouquet for her wedding. So I wanted to remember her on my wedding day by having freesias in my bouquet.  I went with a ivory, lilac and peach theme and my husband wanted a few roses in there so I think there was a good mix of everyone’s tastes! The bridesmaids bouquets were the same as mine, only smaller and the table arrangements matched. I let each of my aunts and grandmother take home the table arrangements at the end of the day as they love flowers and I knew they would really appreciate them!

The food….

The food at the venue was amazing. We went to a special food meeting a few weeks before to talk about what we wanted and to taste a few things. My husband loves to cook and we both love seafood so we had loads of fun deciding on our menu. I was adamant that I wanted to blow people away. I was fed up with the mediocre food I got at most people’s weddings, so we made a big effort with the food, it was the most expensive thing at the wedding! When people arrived at the venue they were met with Champagne and canapés.

Stuart Bebb Wedding Photographer

Most of the food was locally produced and very British. We tried to get a bit of Thai influence in there with the lemongrass in the dessert! For starters we chose chargrilled tiger prawns, seared red mullet and Devon crab fitter with roasted asparagus tips and sauce vierge. For mains we chose slow cooked lamb and braised shin of beef with dauphinoise potato, baby spinach, caramelized shallot, roasted carrots and Rothschild red wine jus OR lemon sole (I forget what was with it!). For dessert we had a trio of desserts which consisted of vanilla cheesecake with raspberry couils and fresh raspberries, lemon posset with lemongrass jelly, and finally a chocolate torte with white chocolate mousse and hazelnut brittle. The cheesecake and chocolate torte are my favourite desserts and my husband wanted something fresh with Thai influence so he decided on the lemon posset.

The cake….

For me the food and cake were more important than my wedding dress! Our cake was from Hockleys cakes in Northampton. I saw the exact cake I wanted when we went to the Woburn wedding open day. It was the most spectacular cake I ever saw. It totally blew my cake budget 3 times over, but I HAD to have it!!! My husband had no say in the matter haha. I tried the chocolate and fruit versions and loved both so decided to get it made half in fruit and half chocolate.

Hockleys cakes

The first dance…

For our first dance we had a trio jazz band play ‘Apple Blossom Time’ which is the song my grandfather used to sing to my grandmother when he wooed her!

My favourite part of the wedding?

My favourite part of the whole day had to be my husband’s speech after dinner. I thought he would be really nervous standing in front of all of my family, But he did such a good job and even brought a tear to my eye. I was so proud of him as I didn’t think he had prepared anything to say, but he was so eloquent and funny. I love how he can always suprise me!

Stuart Bebb Wedding Photographer

Special touches…

Waddesdon gave us our own wedding planner, so we didn’t really have to do anything! She paid so much attention to detail she was really amazing! Also, the chef was so good and he really listened to us and our own tastes and came up with the best menu ever.

Stuart Bebb Wedding Photographer

I didn’t have any special moments with my mum or anything borrowed from my family or anything, which was a shame. I’ve never missed my mother so much as on this day (and when Thomas was born). But I have to say the most special thing was the ‘something borrowed’ from my mother-in-law. She brought her diamond earring, necklace and bracelet set all from her collection from Bangkok. She let me wear them for the wedding. I have never worn such expensive or sparkly jewellery before and did feel really nervous that I was going to lose them! But they looked wonderful and made me feel like a princess. For our 1st wedding anniversary my mother in law told me that the jewellery set was now mine. So I got to keep them!

In addition, it was my mother-in-law that got my wedding and engagement rings specially designed and made for me. I didn’t see them until we were getting married as they took a long time to get made. The designer used to design for Cartier and designed the ring especially for me so it is a one of a kind ring and I am in love with it! It would never have been something I would have chosen for myself (I would have gone for minimalistic!) but it is true Thai-Chinese flamboyant style and so I love it!

Wedding jewellery

The Photographer…

After weeks of researching wedding photographers we chose Stuart Bebb Photography. It wasn’t much of a choice, he was by far the best wedding photographer in the area, and one of the best in the UK. He has won wedding photographer of the year many times. We could not recommend him highly enough to anyone thinking of getting married!

Stuart Bebb Wedding PhotographerWell..this seems like such a long time ago now! How life had changed! Wedding days go by in a flash so I love to look back and look at all the photos! …it makes a change to my days spend at messy play!

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