Half Marathon Training Update (week #8)

Argh so I have been bad at updating my blog over the last 2 weeks because I haven’t had the time and have been trying to increase my mileage- so I had to cut out my internet time to fit the extra miles in! How dedicated is that?!?

To be honest, I am finding this training really difficult. Not only do I not have the time, or energy to run. I also am not really ‘feeling it’. I have completed 2 half marathons before, the Bath Half and the Nike Milton Keynes Half, one in under 2 hours. I was excited for each of them and trained with running groups. But this time around, I see it as more of a chore. I signed up for it because I wanted to give myself a goal, something to work towards to mark the fact that it was 1 year since I gave birth. Because I found the training so fun last time around, I didn’t realize how fit I need to be to run over 13 miles. Right now I struggle to run 5 miles. I guess pregnancy and lack of sleep really have taken their toll on my poor body. 1 year obviously isn’t enough for my body to bounce back, I’m not invincible.

Saying that, I do still want to complete this half marathon. Although I know that I will probably end up walking for some of it. I will be all the more happy that I at least completed it, even though I haven’t slept for more than 2 hours at a time the last 11 months. Even though I haven’t trained as much as I expected to.

So for the last month of training, I will be focusing on increasing my milage. The last 8 weeks have focused on getting my fitness levels up.



This week is week 8 of training, and my training plan requires I run a 10 mile run this weekend!! err…not going to happen! I am aiming for a 6 mile run at best!

So tomorrow is Saturday and I’m aiming for 6 miles

Sunday is a rest day as I’m going to take Thomas to visit his great grandmum in Winslow.

Monday: run 3.1 miles

Tuesday: Barr class at the gym

Wednesday: 3 .1 mile run

Thursday rest day hopefully will meet my cousin for a picnic with the babies!

Friday: 6 mile run again….and hopefully I will go further!!

Then Saturday we are off to Devon for a week! I am looking forward to going for runs by the sea!!

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