38 weeks Bump Update (38+5)

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Weight gain: 13 kg so far … and 1 week 2 days to go until due date!!

Maternity clothes: Nothing lately…. I’ve been wearing my husband’s T-Shirts though!!

Stretch marks: nope, not yet…I’m using mama mio at night and Palmer’s intensive stretch mark balm during the day. I must have spent well over £100 on anti stretch mark oil during the last 9 months!! eek

Sleep: it’s good! :)

Belly button: In still! although it is less deep.

Wedding rings on or off: On

Constipation?: None- thanks to my pregnancy diet!

Heartburn?: Very rarely….thankfully!

Mood:  I am so excited about everything I just walk around very happy generally :) but am tidying and cleaning constantly!

Best part of 3rd trimester so far: I can feel the baby move so much more now, and a lot more clearly!! For example I can feel where his legs are now and can feel his little hands on the lower left hand side of my tummy :) it feels so nice :)

I am still going for 5km walks on  the treadmill (not around the lake any more just in case anything happens!) or around where I live with my husband….we try to do something active everyday. On days we don’t walk we go to the gym and I swim or do a light 30 min setting on the cross trainer.

We finally finished our nursery…. we kept it light and clean rather than going for a blue boy theme….my husband did buy some blue bears and a peter rabbit to man it up a bit LOL



This week we also got our home birthing pool!! hooray! We put it up at 38 weeks and 5 days….I know there is still plenty of time left and we won’t put the pool liner in or fill it with water yet…but I am just trying to get everything done :) It’s in the dining room…so out of the way if it ends up being another 3 weeks!

Worst part of 3rd trimester: The waiting! I’m just too excited! I haven’t had any braxton hicks or anything!!

Bump pics:

37 weeks
38 weeks
38 weeks

Anyone else thinking of having a home birth?

Have you had a home birth before? How was it?

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