Half Marathon Training ~ Week 1

marathon training

Arhh the day I start my half marathon training plan finally arrived!

The first three weeks of training will involve a gradual build up of energy, getting myself focussed on the training. By the end of the 3rd week I should have increased my fitness enough to set myself a benchmark from which to challenge myself over the next few weeks. Each time I beat the benchmark time, I know that I am improving and pushing myself.

So what does the 1st week of training involve? Well, this is my plan of activities for this week:

Monday: 5km slow run

Tuesday: 30 mins yoga

Wednesday: 5km steady run

Thursday: Rest day (I’m getting my hair cut)

Friday: 5km steady run

Saturday: 30 mins yoga

Sunday: 5km fast run

The weather is lovely as I write this, so let’s hope it stays nice for the rest of the week! Thomas is coming with me for every run- so if it rains I have a problem!

Monday’s training went really well! It was lovely to get outside and Thomas slept most of the way! It took me 45 mins to do the 5km, which is rather long! but I was pushing around a tank (Thomas, pushchair and heavy changing bag with extra coats and blankets just in case he got cold- not doing that again!!) in quite strong wind by the lake! I think without Thomas I could have done it easily in 35 mins. My aim is to get this time down to 25 mins by June (or, if with Thomas, 35 mins).

Is anyone else in training for a marathon? The London Marathon has given me a bit more determination to get started with my training!

Remember- even though it’s not summer yet put your sun block on as the UV rays are still strong and keep hydrated!

Today is my yoga day! So I will be doing at least 30 mins yoga at home….much needed after yesterday’s run!

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