Review~ The Quinny Zapp Xtra 2

Last weekend we went to The Baby Show in Birmingham. I was asked to walk around with the new Quinny Zapp Xtra2 pushchair for the time that I was there and then to give my honest opinion of it.

My First Thoughts

Quinny Zapp Ztra Review

Photo: Getting an overview of the new Quinny Zapp Xtra2

Let me start with a bit of background to the day. Thomas woke up at 4am. We left for Birmingham around 8 am, I thought he would nap on the way there…..but he didn’t!! We arrived at The Baby Show around 9.30am and I put Thomas in the Quinny Zapp Xtra2 straight away. Had we been using our normal pushchair he probably would have kicked up a huge fuss and been unbearable all day! But as it happened, he was as good as gold! Why? I am positive it was because of the Quinny pushchair!

First of all, we used it in the forward facing position. Thomas couldn’t get enough of looking around at everything! He is 10 and a half months now, so he likes being able to see everything! The seat on the Quinny is also really easy for babies to sit up and look out at only 20cm deep. Even the head cover has a strip of see-through fabric so that babies can see out of the pushchair at all times. The fabric, straps, foot rest and design of the pushchair was also really comfortable and Thomas was really settled in there for the whole 4 or so hours he sat in it!

We got shown how to use it at the Quinny stand and a very nice lady explained all of the ins and outs of it and illustrated how to fold it. It looked really easy when she showed me. The pushchair has numbered buttons to push to make it easy. It literally is pushing 1,2,3,4 and it’s folded! However, I didn’t get to try it out myself at the time.

Next, we were impressed with the manoeuvrability of the Quinny Zapp Xtra2. We (meaning my husband, Pat and myself) were a bit hesitant about 3 wheeled pushchairs to begin with because we always worried about stability…… BUT we need not have been at all! The 3 wheels make it so easy to push and turn around with very little space (I’m sure I could do a 360 degree turn in it on the same spot!) It was easy weaving through the crowds at The Baby Show!

Now, my husband is 6ft 2. The handles on the Quinny aren’t adjustable. So whilst they are the perfect height for me at 5ft 8, he wasn’t impressed that the pushchair felt so low down. Also, the basket underneath the pushchair is really small compared to the pushchair we normally use. BUT then again, our pushchair is a tank and the Quinny Zapp Xtra2 is very petite! The wheels of the Quinny look like they are made for pavements and shopping centres, not the great outdoors, so on first look, it is only usable indoors or in the city.

We got given lots of goodies at the show and were worried about where to put everything. But the handles were great for putting light weight bags on and we did fit Thomas’ water, toys and lunch in the basket underneath. So I have no worries using it for going shopping!!!

After lunch we went back to the press office to return the pushchair and go home. I did a (very) quick video of my first thoughts on the Quinny pushchair for you to see. Just after we finished filming, I got told that I could keep the pushchair so that I could test it out outside and in more detail!!! How nice of them was that!??! So I attach the ‘first thoughts’ video here- it’s totally unbiased. Just my experience of using it at The Baby Show.

After the Show

Now, as we went back to the car with TWO pushchairs we were a bit nervous about fitting everything into the boot of our car! We have a Skoda Superb which has the biggest boot I’ve EVER seen! But our usual pushchair seems to fill the whole thing because you have to take the seat off separately and the wheels on it are really big. So we put that in the boot and guess what….the Quinny Zapp Xtra2 fitted on the floor in the front passenger seat!! yes! it’s THAT small when it’s folded!!

It was quite funny when it came to folding it up for the first time. I couldn’t find the numbers 3 and 4 (haha typical!) so it took a while. But I’ve been using the pushchair all week and can fold it in about 5 seconds now!

We went home a happy family and Thomas fell asleep in his car seat before we even left the N.E.C parking lot!! :) (AND slept ALLLL the way home) :)

Quinny Zapp Xtra 2 Review

My best friends came up from London the day after the Baby Show and we decided to take the Quinny out for a test drive to a local lake. This involved going over some short grass and lots of gravel paths!! We thought the wheels wouldn’t be able to handle the gravel and it would be really hard to push and be bumpy for Thomas. But we were really surprised that the Quinny handled everything really well! It even went up and down curbs easily. Everyone was impressed.

Quinny Zapp Review

Quinny Zapp Xtra 2

The sun shield is really big and Thomas loves the fact he can still see out of the side thanks to the transparent side panel, which still shielded him from the sun. I’ve now gotten used to folding it and I have the boot of my car back again!!!!

Quinny Zapp Review

My husband has also been using the pushchair all week too. At first he wasn’t used to not being able to move the handle bars up to his height. However, he has now gotten used to it and said that he is comfortable using the Quinny Zapp Xtra2 even when he is 6ft 2! We would have liked  more storage space underneath the pushchair, but it’s a small pushchair meant for lightweight flexible travel- so that’s just the trade-off you have to accept.

The Quinny Zapp Xtra2 weighs just 8.7kg….that’s lighter than my baby! You can use a Maxi Cosi car seat with it from birth, or buy an inlay so the pushchair would be suitable from birth. The main seat can also be turned around easily so that your baby can face you if that’s what they prefer.

We would recommend the Quinny Zapp Xtra2 to anyone trying to decide which pushchair to buy. It’s lightweight and easy to take with you anywhere. Most importantly, babies like it and can stay in there for ages!! The material and build is lightweight and you may mistake this for feeling cheap- but don’t be fooled- it’s really good quality! Thomas is so comfortable in it!

Quinny Zapp Xtra Review

You can find more out about the Quinny Zapp Xtra2 here.

 Disclaimer: I ended up receiving the Quinny Zapp Xrtra 2 for the purposes of this review and entrance to The Baby Show. However all opinions are my own.

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