Pampers Britain’s Driest Nappy Trial

wpid-wp-1410184568742.jpeg I got asked by Britmums and Pampers to participate in Britain’s driest nappy trial. Pampers gave me a pack of the Active Fit nappies to try out. So over the weekend I conducted a little experiment to find out just how dry Pampers Active Fit really are!

You can watch my experiment here:

I have tried so many different nappies over the last year for Thomas! From organic to cheap and cheerful….. we always manage to wake up to a wet bed in the morning and/or waking in the night to change a full nappy!

I HATE waking up to change Thomas’ nappy. He either wakes a little too much and takes ages to get back to sleep, or if it’s past 4am….he just thinks it’s morning! argh!

To be honest, I have already switched to Pampers Baby Dry nappies because they can take a lot of liquid before they start to leak. As long as I change Thomas’ nappy just before I go to be around 10pm then he is usually fine until the morning. He feeds frequently at night and so the night time is when he urinates the most!

I was really excited to try out Pampers Active Fit because as well as having superior dryness, they also stretch easily for Thomas to crawl and walk around. I must admit that I do now prefer Active Fit over Pampers Baby Dry because they allow Thomas MUCH more freedom to move around! I think they are also slightly bigger too, which is always a plus- they will hold more water! I love the design and colour of the nappy too! Thomas seems really happy in them- which is the MOST important thing!

The Active Fit nappies contain small micro pearls which absorb liquid up to 30 times their own weight- which is the equivalent to 3 bottles of milk!

So, for the experiment I poured 150ml of water onto the nappy, waited a minute and a half and then tested the nappy to see how dry it was with my hand and then with tissue paper. It felt REALLY dry, which I was NOT expecting! I did expect to feel some dampness, but I didn’t! And it took a lot of effort to push down the tissue paper to get some dampness on it….I was really impressed. Compared to other nappies I have been using, Pampers are the best at keeping Thomas dry. Some other brands, especially the organic ones, leave his bum really moist and it must be so uncomfortable for him! I can proudly say Thomas has NEVER had any nappy rash and I put this down to making sure he is as dry as can be.

I am also really happy to wake up to a dry bed and not have to wake up to change his nappy in the night! Because they are so dry I also use less of them, which is not only good for my wallet, but also better for the environment. I think everyone is concerned about disposable nappies and the environment. One thing I hate is wastage, the less dirty nappies produced the better!

Disclaimer: I received a pack of Pampers Active Fit nappies in order to do a product trial. No financial compensation was given. I was happy to endorse Pampers because I really do think they are the driest nappy in Britain!

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