OvuSense Update July 2015

I realise it’s been a while since I’ve updated everyone! We moved house on the 8th May and suddenly we realised the house we bought and thought only needed minor cosmetic re-touches ACTUALLY is a minefield! (I think I need to write a separate update on that!). Anyway, I haven’t had internet, then Thomas smashed my phone…..so I’ve finally got myself together enough to write an update about my OvuSense journey.

I’d say I was ‘fertility challenged’. I don’t know why. It’s a horrible feeling. A heavy weight tugging constantly on my heart. It took 3 years to conceive Thomas, and we had to do it with help. My friends and family never knew. I never talk about it. I get asked constantly when we are having another one. I ask myself that too, when can I give him a sibling? I want to have another before age creeps up on me, before there is too much of an age gap between them. It consumes me. Tears bulge as I see and hear of my same cohort of mothers getting pregnant again….but my body fails me. I don’t ovulate often. I desperately want to fix this, I can’t take hormones again as I’m still breastfeeding. I eat healthily, I could do more exercise (but I never seem to find the time), I could also relax more….but the only thing that consoles me is having knowledge of when I do ovulate – this boosts my chances and gives me knowledge of when to try….I feel as though I have a small amount of control in one of the greatest challenges in my life to date.

I’ve been using my OvuSese since September 2014 and I’ve been reading other reviews on the product and one thing I think most people have missed is the level of customer service that OvuSense gives. I’m not a member of their Facebook group so I can’t comment on that. But I feel I wanted to write a post about their customer service and nurse consultation service.

Firstly, their customer service is brilliant. Laura (who is my contact at the company) emails me back so quickly, sometimes instantly, always the same day. I think I expect more from other companies now- so much so that I get grumpy when they don’t reply to me the same day!  Over the nearly 10 month journey – I’ve had to request 2 new sensors as they stopped working and I was sent out a new one the same day and I got them through the post the next morning! That’s so quick and really important to me as I wouldn’t want to miss a night! I’ve even emailed OvuSense with silly questions and she was always helpful and understanding!

They actually care too, I haven’t ovulated much- twice to be exact (three times maybe…my temperature went up last night whoo hoo!). So I was referred to their fertility nurse, Kate. We Skyped. She was lovely. But most importantly I left the consultation feeling happy and more positive about my fertility journey. We talked about what I felt was hindering my fertility – of course I told her about my breastfeeding at night issues and various health issues I had. She was great and gave me recommendations about supplements and the name of a sleep coach that could give me advice about cutting down Thomas’ feeds at night.

Something I had never done before was track my cervical secretions and Kate gave me lots of information about understanding them and a chart so that I can start tracking them.

I’m so glad that I got to talk to a specialist! I feel very lucky to have found the OvuSense team and am feeling very positive that something good will happen this year- fingers crossed! For now though, I’m going to breathe in the sweet scent of my son’s hair, feel his soft skin next to mine, laugh at his cheeky antics, feel proud of the little man he is becoming. I’m overwhelmed at how grateful I am at having a child, a fearless independent boy who fills my heart with love everyday. I sometimes can’t even contemplate how my heart has space for another. I know it will though and I know he will be so happy to have a playmate.



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