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It took nearly 3 years to get pregnant with my first baby, Thomas. We were just about to start finding out about IVF when I got pregnant with a little help from Clomid. I had all the tests, hormone and different checks. It turns out one of my fallopian tubes were blocked. In addition, my periods were really heavy and not always predictable. I had no idea when I was ovulating and so we just tried every other day a few days after my period finished. It was exhausting. I did buy ovulation test sticks you urinate on, but only once did it ever tell me I was ovulating and I did it again the next day and I wasn’t and I wasn’t the next month either!

Thomas is now 1 years old and we would like to have a second baby. I’m 33 and would like another as soon as possible really, so I really don’t want to spend another exhausting 3 years trying!!! And I would rather do it naturally this time around rather than take hormone tablets to make me ovulate more.

I decided we needed help in knowing when I was ovulating so we could concentrate our efforts around that time. By chance at The Baby Show we came across the OvuSense stand and we talked to the representatives there. They were sure that OvuSense could help us as it was 99% accurate in predicting when I was Ovulating. I was excited and went home and researched all about electronic ovulation monitors. OvuSense the best one I could find and so decided it was the one for us!

How does OvuSense work?

OvuSense consists of a personal monitor and a sensor:


The monitor is much like a computer which keeps all the data and predicts when you ovulate. It comes with a personal sensor, which is a tampon shaped sensor you insert into your vagina every night. The sensor is made from the highest grade medical material (much like breast implants) that is completely safe to use.


OvuSense uses a sensor to measure your core body temperature, which is far more accurate at showing the ovulation curve than oral basal body temperature or peeing on a stick. The sensor is placed in your vagina and it takes readings every 5 minutes throughout the night. In the morning you insert the sensor into the monitor and transfer the data and the monitor will collect the data for each menstrual cycle. The data is then used to predict when you will ovulate each month. It even tells you a few days BEFORE you ovulate so you know when to start trying to conceive. It takes all the guess work out. That’s why I never even tried taking my own body temperature- because I wouldn’t have a clue how to calculate it!

It is 99% accurate in detecting ovulation and in most cases the monitor will predict your ovulation within the first 2 weeks of using it- I love that it is so quick! No more weeks and/or months of peeing on a stick or checking your own body temperature! And no more spending loads of money on home test urination kits that I always forget to use! Hoo-rah!

Ovusense is of great use to women with erratic periods and aren’t sure when they ovulate and women with PCOS which other home test kits can’t help you with. It will also tell you if you didn’t ovulate, which other home test kits can’t tell you! So you know if you should go and see a doctor or not.

My own experience of using OvuSense

When I first got the monitor I had to set it up for my own use. I must say it was really easy to do, all I had to do was enter the date and some personal information and it only took me 2 minutes. I then had to leave it to charge over night so it was ready to use the next night.

I was really happy that the sensor was a lot more comfortable and smaller than I thought it would be! The material it’s made from is actually quite soft and easy to insert. It’s also really easy to clean with soap and water and dries quickly. The monitor has a little compartment to put the sensor in when you aren’t using it, so I was happy that there was a clean place to keep it during the daytime.

I used Ovusense for 40 days and I slept with it in with no problems – I didn’t even know it was there. You do have to take it out when you go to the loo though. It’s easy to insert and has a little ‘tail’ so you can pull it out easily.

All of the data is transferred by putting the sensor into its little compartment and pressing the ‘transfer data’ button and it transfers the data straight away! I was a bit obsessed with checking the chart on the monitor everyday to see whether I’d ovulated yet. The chart is SO easy to understand and you can see the line grow every day. I had food poisoning at one point and my temperature shot up!

The monitor predicts your fertile window and after you have been using it for a while, will predict when you will ovulate and will let you know just before it occurs. Research has shown that you are most likely to get pregnant if you have sex within your fertile window which lasts for around 5 days before you ovulate until 1-2 days later. So it’s really helpful that the monitor can predict ovulation BEFORE it happens so you have much more chances of conceiving than if you find out only once you have already ovulated.

In my case, I am still breastfeeding. The monitor didn’t detect any ovulation. Whilst I was disappointed, I am also soooo thankful that I got to use the test kit. My husband and I were starting to try for another baby because we thought I would be ovulating by now (our son is over 1 year old already). But knowing that I’m not yet ovulating has saved us from a lot of time and effort and the suspense of waiting to see if I’m pregnant every month (and has saved us money on buying pregnancy tests!). It’s taken all of the guess work out. I am still going to use the monitor as I want to know as soon as I do start ovulating so we can start trying for another baby straight away. I don’t want to waste even a month. By using OvuSense I can start trying to conceive straight away.

For £295 you will get the monitor and sensor as well as unlimited technical support as well as unlimited access to a fertility nurse. In comparison with other ovulation monitors I think it prices well in comparison. Other monitors cost between £100-£200 and you have to buy sticks to urinate on at further cost every week and so the price soon adds up. In addition the test’s accuracy, technical support and access to a specialized nurse make it well worth the money.

I have already recommended OvuSense to my best friend who is going to start trying for a baby after Christmas. So I guess there is no question of whether I would recommend it or not! I would, without hesitation, recommend OvuSense to anyone wishing to conceive quickly and naturally.

You can get more information about OvuSense here

Disclaimer: OvuSense gave me a fertility monitor for the purpose of this review. 

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