My chosen stroller ~ Uppababy Vista

Argh after months of researching we have finally chosen (and went out and bought) our push chair!! I remember before I got pregnant browsing pushchairs in John Lewis and seeing some for £700- 1,200 and thought people must be crazy to spend that amount on a pushchair…I remember the one I had when I was young, it was really basic and you can get them for under £50 nowadays! Anywayssss after being pregnant and going totally overboard with baby stuff I fell in love with a few push chairs….each being much more than I originally intended to purchase! haha (typical!) Top of my list was:

  • Uppababy Vista
  • Bugaboo Chameleon
  • Orbit baby G2 (in white is very cool!)
  • ICandy Apple (in purple, with the seat liner which looks sooooo comfortable!)
  • McClaren XLR stroller (suitable from birth and so light to carry!)

Ultimately we chose the Uppababy Vista! Although the above are all good strollers, we chose the Uppababy because of many many factors. ….by far the best stroller for what we need!! For full specs and colour options, please see here.

Uppababy Vista Uppababy Vista Uppababy Vista

Now, the Vista comes with a carry cot which is really cute, although the main stroller is fine for newborns, I always think the carry cot is a welcome addition as baby can sleep in there and be extra comfortable! The carry cot can also be used for the baby to sleep in over night if you choose as its got a really good mattress in there (I won’t use it as a bed as I’ve got my cot sorted already). But it’s always a handy option if we end up staying overnight somewhere and don’t have to worry about where the baby can sleep.

Both the carry cot and main push chair have really good ventilation systems underneath and they both have a flap top with mesh so we can check on the baby, and the baby can get some fresh air on hot days! (which will come in handy as we are moving to Thailand when the baby is 6 months old!) In addition, as the baby will be born in the summer (and will be moving to Thailand when 6 months) we were really pleased to see the Vista (both carry cot and chair) has insect nets as well as an extendible shade that’s SPF 50 (it also comes with a rain cover and we got a foot muff too for the winter in the UK)

Uppababy Vista Sun Shade
Uppababy Vista Sun Shade


Another big plus with the Vista compared to the other pushchairs we looked at was the HUGE basket underneath, I can fit so much stuff under there!! (Although when the carry cot is on, it’s harder to put big things underneath).

I’m tall (5ft 8) and my husband is taller (6ft 2) and we both have long strides and the bottom bit of the pram bar actually curves in and the back wheels are spaced further apart, so our feet will never touch/kick it. The brake is also really good and easy to push down with one foot and the handle is extendible, so is really good for tall people. One thing I must note is that my friend who is 5ft 2 tried it out and she did say it felt too high for her even though the handle was set to the lowest setting.

The pushchair can fold with the chair still attached (but not the carry cot) and once you get the hang of folding it, it’s really easy and not too heavy or big to fit in the boot of our car. The fame weighs 8.4kg and with the seat attached it’s 11.5kg :)

The suspension on it is really really good and the wheels are superb quality…and I can’t wait for our baby to be born and go for long walks….and maybe even do a bit of jogging with it :)

Lastly, the stroller can handle a child up to 22kg! so it will last for a long time, and if you have more children then there is an attachable extra seat as well as an attachable platform an older toddler can stand on….so good for a big family too!

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