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I am very health conscious as most of you know. I have been feeling really tired and not at my best recently. Over the last year I feel like there has been something wrong. I can’t put my finger on it but I’ve been suffering from what I can only describe as brain fog and pains in my abdomen.  I had been going to my doctor and have had multiple tests but nothing came back with anything that would be causing my issues. So I decided to put my health in my own hands and use the LiveSmart Health Check.

LiveSmart have just launched an innovative product that allows people to take a small blood sample at home which is then sent into their lab to be reviewed alongside nutrition and lifestyle information. Their NHS trained GP then makes recommendations on how to improve your overall health, progress is tracked over time on an online dashboard. It goes over and above what you can get on the NHS and is far cheaper than existing private providers such as Bupa and more advanced as well (involving 31 blood tests from your samples covering cardiovascular health, kidney and liver function, bone health,blood health and immune system health).

I got my pack through the post the day after I ordered it online. In the pack was instructions, 2 small bottles for my blood, some sterile wipes, labels and 3 small finger prick collectors. I must admit I was really nervous (and very squeamish!!!!) about collecting my own blood. I think I wasted the first finger prick collector as I didn’t press hard enough on my finger! But I soon got over this and used the other 2 and collected enough blood to fill the sample bottles. It’s quick and painless. I don’t know what I was so nervous about.

blood samples

Once collected, I labelled the bottles with the labels provided and popped them back in their holders. I sent them back in the post the very same day.

As well as collecting blood samples  you have to fill out an online health questionnaire. It took me about 10 minutes and asked me loads of questions about the amount of exercise I do, family health conditions and nutrition type questions. I was completely honest- this last year I’ve not done enough exercise and although I eat healthily most days…when I’m tired…I eat high carb/high sugar snacks (this is what I am trying to change!).

I sent my blood samples off on the Thursday and my results came back on the Tuesday the next week- that’s 4 days!! I was really impressed with the speed of results and accessed them online. They were really clear and easy for me to understand.

What I most liked was the fact that an actual GP wrote to me personally explaining the results:

health check pic

I got an overall score of 74. I would have got a lot higher but my liver function tests were very low due to a deficiency in Alkaline Phosphate in my bones and liver. My also scored low on nutrition and lifestyle (well I was brutally honest!).

One thing I did find confusing was the health questionnaire asking how much exercise I do in terms of weight sessions per week and how many steps I take/ or how many times I reach 4km over a week. I wasn’t sure. Especially as I only do 1 body pump class a week so I said 1 weight session- but considering I carry Thomas around all day I think I could possibly do a lot more than that! I also run after Thomas a lot and take him for walks….but I’ve never counted my steps and I have no idea how many kilometres this would work out as….I try to do a 5km run at least once a week but in the last few weeks I haven’t been able to get outside….so I guessed my answers and I think this caused a low score!

I also am terrible at working out portions, for example I said I consumed around 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. But I also said I consumed 5 portions of sweets and snacks as I think if I eat 3 biscuits in 1 session this would count a 3 portions? or would it be 1 portion? Anyway for me, this wasn’t important as what I wanted to find out was all in the blood tests. LiveSmart also have a nutritionist and fitness expert on hand to answer any questions which I should have used to ask these questions, but I didn’t, silly me! Next time I will though!

Each and every test result is explained in detail in an easy to understand way. My liver function tests were also explained by the doctor as well. As soon as I got the results I made an appointment with  my own GP who has now ordered a thyroid test and gluten sensitivity test for me. It turns out that a low alkaline phosphate could be a sign of celiac disease (which would explain my tiredness and stomach pain!).

I was so happy with my results, I’ve got a possible explanation for the way I am feeling and now have a plan of action! They suggest I have another blood test in 6 months time so I am excited to see if my test score rises!

I would really recommend getting a health check, it tests everything from cholesterol to white blood cell count….you can become aware of any risks to your health ahead of time and are more equipped to look out for symptoms. You can also opt to get extra tests such as diabetes risk if you feel you need it.

Would you like a free health check? I really recommend getting one even if you feel well! Enter to win one below. An don’t forget to subscribe to this blog or follow on Facebook in order to be updated on my new giveaways! Make you you sign in on the widget for it to work!
Free LiveSmart Health Check

Disclaimer: I was offered a free Health Check from LiveSmart in order to review their services for this post.

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