Increasing Immunity with Nurture Kids Drinks

It’s that time of year, Thomas is starting pre-school this week and all I can think about is how wonderful the summer holidays have been without flu or runny noses!

So I’ve decided to try my best at increasing our immunity by healthy eating, probiotics and washing hands frequently! I was very excited when the people at Nurture asked if I would try their immunity boosting drinks for Thomas. The drinks are delicious, all-natural children’s drinks designed with little ones’ health in mind. Enriched with vitamins and minerals proven to support healthy immunity. They don’t contain any added sugar -yay – it’s half juice, half water and comes in Strawberry & Cherry and Orange & Pineapple flavours to try.


Nurture drinks contain the optimum daily amount of vitamins for 1-6 year-olds, including zinc, B vitamins and beta-glucans and just one serving a day could really help to fill nutritional gaps for fussy eaters – making parents’ lives easier at the same time. These drinks have been developed by Derek and Lucie Sanders – parents to three little ones of their own – and is the result of a long, futile search for tasty, healthy and simple ways to naturally strengthen their children’s immunity against germs and infections.

Thomas liked the strawberry one much better than the Orange and Pineapple but that’s just his personal taste! He also struggled with drinking from the spout. The drinks have a no spill spout so kids have to press down with their lips then suck but Thomas just kept biting it (typical!) so I poured it into a beaker for him to enjoy. I think in a few months time , when’s he’s 2.5 he will probably get the hang of it. But I do see the value in a no spill spout as I am forever cleaning up after him spilling drinks!

I also tried the drinks, they tasted really nice and I like that contain a lot of vitamins. In fact they contain so many that you don’t need to give any more multivitamins, which is great, because I always find it hard getting Thomas to take vitamins from a spoon and this is a great sneaky way to get them in him! The only thing I would prefer is fresh juice rather than concentrated juice, but then the shelf life of the drink would be a lot less.

If you’d like to win some then head on over to the Nurture Facebook page, they are giving lucky winners some everyday until September 22nd 2015!

Thanks Imune Nurture for the tasty drinks to try!

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