My gut feeling and a Bio-Kult Winter Survival Kit Giveaway

Seven years ago I went to see a nutritionist, she tested me for food intolerances because I was just feeling tired ALL the time. She used a machine (a Vega machine perhaps) where I had to hold a metal rod in one hand and she would insert a sample of the suspected problem food in the other. The machine measures the body’s energy levels. These levels are meant to decrease when the body comes into contact with problem foods as the food you are intolerant to will block the current going around your body from one hand to the other. I was intolerant to bakers and brewers yeast, cheese and sodium nitrate. That’s it. I was so happy that it wasn’t a huge list like some people come out with! So I was hopeful to believe intolerance testing worked for me. I cut out the problem foods for 6 months and I felt amazing and I lost a ton of weight.

She also told me I had a zinc deficiency and probably candida, as yeast was such a problem for me. She gave me loads of information about foods containing yeast to avoid and sugary foods to avoid as well as healing foods to consume more of. Now… I am skeptical of food intolerance testing as much as the next person. My mother-in-law recently got a test done using one of the hairs from her head and they said she was intolerant to about 90 different substances! BUT my test really did seem spot on. Maybe this wasn’t because of the accuracy of the machine itself, but it definitely changed my eating habits. I cut out bread and cheese and it worked. It probably worked because I was eating too much bread and cheese to begin with and substituted them for freshly cooked vegetables! But none-the-less it worked because it changed my mindset about what I put into my body. And for that I am forever grateful.

Now, seven years later I am feeling tired again. I have a suspicion it’s because I am eating too much bread, cheese (thanks to Thomas!) and sugary substances in my haze of exhaustion due to an utter lack of sleep this past 18 months.

Candida yeast feeds on sugar. That’s why I have those horrible sugar cravings. Candida lives in my gut. I know it occurs naturally there, but it should only be there in small amounts! So to combat this overgrowth- which I have a gut feeling is causing (at least partially) my lack of energy, slugishness, bloatedness and generally weak immune system. I am taking action!

Points of Action!

  1. CUT OUT SUGAR (this is fine for a day or so, then I get cravings! or have a terrible night sleep!! I have recently found something that stops these though …but that’s another blog post coming soon!)
  2. Cut out bread and replace with potatoes, quinoa and buckwheat.
  3. Take pro-biotics everyday, no forgetting.

Pro-biotics are SO IMPORTANT as it gives your gut a boost of beneficial bacteria to combat the candida bacteria! These good bacteria really help your body to maintain functionality, digest food easily and maintain a strong immune system. You should take them on an empty stomach for best results.

Recently I have been taking Bio-Kult pro-biotics which have 14 different pro-biotic strains which can survive the acidity of my stomach acid. There is a minimum of 2 BILLION pro-biotic micro-organisms per capsule (and you should take between 2-4 capsules per day). That’s A LOT! :) AND it’s safe to take during pregnancy and when breastfeeding so hoo-ray! It’s only been a few days since I’ve been taking them, so I will keep you updated with the results! (Don’t forget to sign up to the Healthy Happy Mumma Newsletter in the sidebar to keep updated!)

Would you like to win a Bio-Kult Winter Survival kit for yourself? It contains a pack of Advanced probiotic multi-strain formula as well as a cool travel mug, hand warmer and tissues!

Winter survival kit


Enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below! Good Luck! Competition closes 12th January 2015!

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