#Morrisonsdad Recipe~ Tripe with Ginger and Spring Onion

This is a guest post from my husband, Patra, he is Chinese-Thai and a very very good cook! I am a very lucky girl :)

Tripe with Ginger and Spring onion (serves 2 at least)

Tripe with ginger and spring onion recipe


2 bags of tripe

3-4 cloves of garlic

3-4 thumb size pieces of ginger

5-6 spring onions

1 table spoon of Vegetable oil

2-3 table spoons of Chinese rice wine vinegar (if you can’t find it, white wine vinegar will do just fine)

2 table spoons of Light soy sauce

2 tea spoons of Sugar

1 teaspoon of chilli flakes

1 tea spoon of Black pepper

Sesame oil to taste

Chicken stock (around half a pint)


Cut tripe in strips, about an inch apart. Wash them in cold water thoroughly and then put it in hot boiling salted water for about 15 minutes or until it is tender (make sure that you don’t overcook it because it will turn tough.  While tripe is cooking away, peel and cut ginger in thin stripes, as thin as you can (you don’t want to chew big pieces of ginger!).  As for spring onions and garlic, I like to leave them in big chunks because after the cooking is finish, they will turn really soft and delicious.

Check on the tripe, when it is done drain it carefully and rinse them again in cold water (make sure that it is dry after you finish rinsing it).

Set a wok or pan on medium to high heat. Put vegetable oil in as well as garlic, ginger and spring onion (make sure you don’t burn them!). Take care of these three ingredients, these can either make or ruin this dish. When you can smell all these ingredients, this is the time to put the tripe in. Increase the heat to high and stir all the ingredients quite quickly.  I prefer to add the vinegar first because I want the harshness of the vinegar to disappear and sweetness to come through. Keep frying for few more minutes then add the rest of the ingredients: light soy sauce, sugar, chilli and black pepper. Fry for a further 1-2 minutes then add the chicken stock (just enough to cover all the ingredients).  If your wok has a lid then use it, if not then that’s ok (you will have to make sure though that it doesn’t go too dry too quick). As soon as you close the lid, turn down the heat to simmer and let it simmer away for about 10-15 minutes. When the liquid becomes slightly thicker and glossy, add a FEW drops of sesame oil and this is when you give it a taste.  You must TASTE your food.  Fix it, adjust it, add things, do whatever you like to it, just make it taste good for you. When you are happy with it, dish it up.  To finish things off, you can top the dish with slices of fresh chilli and coriander. Serve hot and enjoy with rice!

P.S Taste can be very subjective so these ingredients are just a guide.  You can add or omit whatever you like.


Ox tripe was £1.72 a bag x2 = £3.44

Spring onions were 49p (we only used half so say 25p worth)

a garlic was 60p (we used half so say 30p worth)

we got 1/2 a kilo of ginger for £1.39 and only a very small amount of it was used for this dish, say 15p worth.

total: £4.14

And the rest of the ingredients are store cupboard type things you can easily find and don’t cost a lot! So say everything cost around £5 to make! That’s £2.50 a serving!

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