Pregnancy months 1-3

Arghh….so finally I have been able to get around to writing a blog post on my pregnancy. I have seen so many wonderful pregnancy blogs that have inspired me to try and document the months of my pregnancy as well as they do! (for example: Healthy Diva Eats  and Anna Saccone’s Bump Diary) …..I don’t think I can keep up weekly updates or anything so I will do trimester reports instead!! This is the first trimester blog post- I’ve just started my 2nd trimester, and will write about that once I get to week 25.

Unlike most people….I wasn’t sick once!!! I was expecting to get loads of morning sickness but I didn’t really get any!! It was only in weeks 9-10 that I did feel like being sick all day but I never actually vomited :) I hate that feeling so I feel so blessed that I didn’t suffer from sickness…my heart goes out to people that get really bad morning sickness!! I also feel sick most mornings if I don’t eat breakfast as soon as I wake up…..and I make sure I always eat it. During the first 3 months I did feel really really tired…like I could sleep all day! but from week 11 this had gone and I got a lot of my energy back :) whoo hoo….although now at nearly 16 week I still get tired easily, especially if I overdo it like going to the gym and then food shopping straight after one another!

As for weird food cravings…I haven’t really had any either!!! I do eat A LOT of (wholemeal) bread though. I normally try to avoid bread as much as possible as I feel really bloated/tired when I eat too much yeast based foods. But I feel sick if I don’t generally have bread with every meal!! haha ..umm…other things I crave- fruit juice! the only thing that I have gone off of is chicken….the smell makes me feel sick, but I do try to still eat it as I know it’s better for me than beef or pork!

Weight gain: 3 kg (7lbs) in first 3 months

Maternity clothes: I got 3 tops and 2 leggings in week 12…as I couldn’t fit into my normal clothes…although I bought big maternity clothes so I can grow into them :)

Stretch marks: nope, not yet…slapping on my mama mio oil though!!

Sleep: was fine in 1st trimester (but it’s getting worse!)

Belly button: In

Mood: I haven’t had any mood swings….yet :)

Best part of 1st trimester: The 12 week scan!!! I didn’t really believe I was pregnant until I was the scan…and the baby was kicking like crazyyy :) it felt really good, and really surreal at the same time :)

Worst part of 1st trimester: The weight gain…. I put on a lot, more than average. But I put this down to my huge increase in bread intake! and my decrease in intensive exercise…no more body pump class, no more running burning an average of 450-600kal five times a week…instead I go to yoga and go on the cross trainer for only 30 mins around three times a week burning only 250-300 kal each time….but if I do any more than this I am just so tired!! Anyway, I understand I need to gain weight in pregnancy obviously! I am just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and remain fit during my pregnancy so I can bounce back more quickly afterwards :) Someone that keeps me going is Amy McKee who is a Tone it Up member and still goes running lots, she is such an inspiration to anyone wanting to keep fit whilst having a baby!

Bump pics: I didn’t take any until my 2nd trimester…so will post them in the next bump update!! ^_^

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