35 Week Bump Update

Weight gain: 12 kg so far (around 26lbs) … still 5 weeks to go….hopefully will put on another 2 kg as that is the average for my height/weight and not too much more than that!!

Maternity clothes: I had to buy new bras yesterday… oh my gosh! I can’t believe how suddenly they’ve grown and are so heavy! overnight all of my old bras suddenly wouldn’t even do up!! LOL

Stretch marks: nope, not yet…I’m using mama mio at night and Palmer’s intensive stretch mark balm during the day.

Sleep: it’s OK….some nights are rough as I have to get up a lot to pee….but I am having less painful sleep now, which is good! :)

Belly button: In still! although it is less deep.

Wedding rings on or off: On…but sometimes I do feel like my fingers are swollen.

Constipation?: None- thanks to my pregnancy diet!

Heartburn?: Very rarely…and only when I eat something naughty like chocolate biscuits! hehe

Mood: I do feel more emotional….like I could cry more easily but this hasn’t happened yet! Because I am so excited about everything I just walk around very happy generally :)

Best part of 3rd trimester so far: I can feel the baby move so much more now, and a lot more clearly!! For example I can feel where his legs are now and can feel his little hands on the lower left hand side of my tummy :) it feels so nice :) Also, the cot bed got delivered from Mamas and Papas today whoo hoo!!! I am itching to put it together! It’s the last thing we need to do and then we are all ready :)

Worst part of 3rd trimester: At 33/34 weeks I did over do it a bit….I went to the gym, cleaned the house and cleaned the car and did some gardening all on the same day….I was so tired and went to bed and didn’t feel any movements and didn’t feel them all night either. So the next morning we went to the hospital to have a check, but as soon as the midwife felt my stomach the baby went a bit crazy and moved like hell…then he got hiccups! LOL so it all ended well and everything was fine! but I did get scared for a while there! Have to remember to take it easy! but I’m just too excited!

Bump pic:

35 weeks pregnant
35 weeks pregnant

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