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I made a conscious choice when I was pregnant with Thomas to be at home once he was born. I didn’t know how long I could do it for. I thought after 6 months I’d get bored or struggle with money and start looking for part time work, probably at World Vision which is 5 mins down the road from me. But 2.5 years later I’m still here….I didn’t get bored, much to my amazement! I did struggle with money, but then again, I haven’t been out, I haven’t splurged on new clothes and the only holiday we’ve had is a few days in Devon when Thomas was 11 months old. I haven’t missed going shopping or going out….amazingly Thomas takes up most of my time anyway so I haven’t had time to miss it! We got by, and we are happy.
The more months that went by, the more I was determined not to go back to a job that involved lots of stress trying to get funding for life saving projects or international travel to developing countries. I wanted to be home every day to put Thomas to bed and spend time with him as much as I can.
It has always been my dream to start my own development organisation, now I don’t have the resources or staff to do that, but I can do something that makes a small difference. I can set up a company that supports smallholder farmers that are struggling in developing countries. People who have so little they live such vulnerable lives, they face shocks and hazards such as droughts, floods and climate change that can push them further into poverty so easily. I can also follow my other passion, which is living a sustainable healthy lifestyle and help other people nourish themselves with pure organic superfoods that I am so addicted to and which have given me so much energy. I don’t even drink coffee anymore- that’s how much I’ve changed! (I used to live on the stuff!)
My husband decided to drop his PhD and start this business with me. We both love organic superfoods, especially spirulina (I know it tastes gross lol)- which not only curbs my hunger craving but has stopped me from having sugar addiction (which I’ve blogged about before!). But to buy these superfoods separately can be costly, especially if they are organic. If you want to use more than one you have to buy 3 or 4 different containers each £8-17 each- ouch!

There are only a few blended products on the market and we feel more choice is needed. In addition, these superfoods are amazing for children. I give Thomas some of mine which are full of calcium, vitamin, protein- even some have Vitamin D- all natural and organic! No need for chemical filled artificial vitamin supplements! We hope to bring out a kids blend for children, and possibly a blend to help breastfeeding mums, the over 50s, blends for better skin, to detox….(the list could be endless which is why we need your help)
We have registered our company (we decided on the name One Earth Organics) and have started to find suppliers for our products- all are ethical organic producers. And in the future we hope to give advice on adapting to climate change and agricultural extension classes through a chosen charity. We are now in the stage of getting the rest of the finance that we need in order to really get started- to pay for the products, packaging design and marketing etc. This is where I need your help!
We need to illustrate that people are supportive of our efforts and we would like to show this through 2 ways-

  1.  By people filling out a very short survey to see what they think about our products and what kind of blends you would be most interested in. Please help us by filling it out HERE (it will only take 2 mins as it is very simple!)
  2. For people to like our Facebook page. By illustrating support we are much more likely to receive the funding that we need!

I will keep you all posted on how it goes! Setting up a business is great fun, but a lot of long hours and hard work! I’ve been so inspired by entrepreneurial mummies out there like Honest Mum and Pouting in Heels that I wanted to give my dream a try!

We will be looking for excellent parent bloggers to test some of our products and write some reviews, so please get in contact if you are interested in this kind of thing! We may go through Britmums or something, or just do it individually, we aren’t sure yet. If you have an advice- throw it my way please!

Thank you!

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