The Power of Kefir


My name is Susan and I am a chocoholic.

Yup. I am addicted to sugar.

I shouldn’t joke about it. It’s got out of control since Christmas. I am tired. I turn to sugar to keep me going. I can eat the healthiest meals and vegetable smoothies. But when I’m tired and need energy I turn to chocolate. It’s my downfall. Every. damn. time.

I’ve been really good the past few years, but since Christmas it’s gotten really bad. I wake up in the morning and the first thing I think of is  that I need sugar, I need sugar after every meal. I can eat ridiculously sweet food and not really notice until my husband tell me what I’m doing. I can devour a whole pack of majool dates in 1 sitting. They say sugar is more addictive than cocaine. I totally believe that.

What makes my case worse is that my sugar addiction has caused yeast overgrowth which in turn, makes me crave more sugar to feed the yeast. It’s called Candida and it sucks. It’s a vicious circle.

What’s Candida?

Candida is a yeast overgrowth in the body. We all need yeast, especially good bacteria to help with digestion, but we don’t need candida…nope….it has ugly inflammatory, disease spreading, brain-fog like symptoms….and I have wayyy too much of it in my body. It’s caused by imbalances to the body- stress, antibiotics, bad diet etc. Like any fungus, it feeds on sugars and alcohol amongst other things.

The power of Kefir

Kefir kills off candida….and most importantly it stops my sugar cravings….it does…try it!!!!

Kefir grains are natural pro-biotics. You can get milk or water kefir grains and both have trillions/billions? of good bacteria…much more than the pro-biotic powders/pills you can buy and most importantly they contain different strands of bacteria needed to actually kill off the candida. I’ve noticed kefir is becoming much more popular in recent months and so I wanted to write this post to spread the word even more! It’s amazing! I drink 1 glass of kefir water in the morning and it TOTALLY stops my sugar cravings for most of the day.

The kefir grains feed on sugar too. They feed on the sugar found naturally in milk and in the sugar water you put with them if you have water kefir grains. Once you drink the water (or milk) they then start to feed on the sugar in your body, literally cleansing your gut!


I make milk kefir and use it as a yoghurt and water kefir. For the water kefir I use 1 teaspoon of unrefined brown sugar and sometimes add slices of lemon to it for taste.

If you have a sugar addiction, I really recommend you give kefir a try! Start out drinking a little though, some people get bad headaches/upset stomaches due to their body rebalancing itself!


4 Point plan to overcome candida and my sugar addiction

1. STOP eating sugar. (I can hear my husband laughing at this one). I just can’t have any sweet things in the house. Not even agave syrup. Not dates. And definitely no biscuits!

2. Drink Kefir- every day. I’ve been drinking it on and off for 2 years….but sometimes I forget for a week!

3. Pro-biotics- the same as kefir, I forget to take them. I should also take them on an empty stomach (my stomach is never empty though! haha)

4. Coconut oil- use it in cooking, drink coconut water and remember to do oil pulling every night (can you see a theme here?!?). Coconut oil inhibits candida growth too so it’s really good for you.

Tip for myself: REMEMBER SUSAN!

Has anyone else ever tried brewing their own kefir? Don’t be fooled by the shop brought stuff! Making your own from quality stock is so much better, they last longer and have far more strains of bacteria!

Has anyone tried making their own cultured vegetables? I really want to try but the thought of yellow veg makes me want to hurl….and kimchi I see all has MSG in :( 

I’m giving away some Kefir to readers of my newsletter, sign up here:


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