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So, I have been a bit MIA this past 6 months, why you ask? Well, we bought a new house and moved in at the beginning of May. We only lasted a month before we found out that it all needed re-plastering as the walls were crumbling underneath the wallpaper!

We’ve been living with my dad since June…..and hope to move back in by January (it was going to be Christmas but we hit a number of stumbling blocks along the way so had to move it back a month). It won’t be completely finished, but we should be able to sleep and shower!

We bought the house from a 76 year old lady with dogs, so we knew it needed some work. 5 windows needed replacing (or so we thought), it needed re-painting throughout, new carpet (it was actually fine but smelt of dog and the bedrooms were pink or blue!), new curtains (as the old ones were pink and frilly!), we knew 3 of the bathrooms needed  a revamp and eventually we knew we wanted a new kitchen and conservatory but thought we would wait a few years and get it done later……

artec and pink carpet- yummy!
artex and pink carpet- yummy!


It turned out that every wall in the house needed replastering- weeks of work, over ten grand…..sob…that includes getting rid of the ghastly artex ceiling too (thank god)

5 windows needed replacing, yes thanks survey, but 32 eventually got replaced, 2 side doors and while we were at it we thought we’d get some bi-folding doors in the kitchen to let more light in….

We knew 3 bathrooms needed updating as they had a 1970’s vibe about them…but we decided to get rid of 1 downstairs (who needs 2 downstairs bathrooms?!). Then the ones upstairs were not only leaking, but once we looked closely, the tiles were actually tiled onto the previous tiles and once we took one off…they all fell off! and mould was underneath….so now there are 5 bathrooms that all need replacing….ouch!

The old conservatory we thought we could live with smelt terrible even after we cleaned it and the plastic roof made such a noise we couldn’t sit in there….so as the house was a building site anyway we got a new conservatory too….(the new one now leaks yippe…we are trying to get it sorted….they’ve been building it since July… JULY! and still haven’t sorted it…. grumble grumble)

And whilst we were at it- we decided to get a new kitchen (my husband hates living in a building site so wanted it all done at once).

Then there are all of the small problems- none of the doorways were level, the old ceiling lights looked so dated that we replaced them with spot lights (why not as all the artex ceilings were being replastered anyway!)….hundreds of spotlights all over the house….over 120 light switches and sockets had to get replaced as the old white ones were going yellow…then the marble tiles in the hallway were cracked, we decided to not only replace them but get the entire downstairs tiled…and now we need underfloor heating….

Then damp started getting in this month as the storm drains have been blocked by 15 foot giant tree roots….

We’ve over spent our redecoration budget 8 times over…..

We haven’t even started on the garden (and can’t afford to for a few years yet!), we haven’t bought any curtains, or furniture……

It’s been stressful to say the least. Any savings we had to start our own business have gone, so I think we will opt for a business start up loan now as well as get some support from parents!

We really just want to get moved in. This is why I haven’t been present on social media or my blog recently, I just haven’t had the strength or energy, or time, to do or think about any thing else!

Thomas has been helping!



On the bright side, I think the value of the house has definitely gone up, and we never plan on moving again, it’s in an excellent location- right next to a primary school, a 5 min drive away from my dad’s and a 2 min walk to a wonderful watersports lake and nature reserve…..and we have a family of squirrels in our front garden….nope….I never want to move again….




Who wouldn’t want to live next to this view?

How about you? Any moving horror stories?


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