Devon & Dorset Holiday 2014

Arh, the great British holiday….



Beer, Devon

Last week we went on holiday. It was our first holiday in 4 years and Thomas’ first time away! We chose to go away for a week to Devon with my dad and luckily the weather was really good! I wanted to go somewhere in the UK for Thomas’ 1st holiday- it’s easy and I have very good memories of my childhood holidays in Dorset!

We stayed in East Devon which is an area of outstanding natural beauty. It is also close to my cousin’s new house- she moved nearly 3 years ago now and we’ve only just gotten around to visiting her!

We stayed in a little town called Seaton, which is next door to a fishing village called Beer,- it was beautiful!!! We stayed in a self catering apartment over looking the sea. It was light, airy and clean. The agents were Milkbere holidays and they were so friendly and helpful, I would recommend them to anyone visiting East Devon. Thomas slept BEAUTIFULLY with all the sea air! And of course, I took a selfie as I went nearly the entire week with no makeup (which is becoming usual for me)


On Sunday we woke up early and I took Thomas for a walk along the seafront and explored town a bit before the boys woke up. Then after nap time, we drove to Charmouth in Dorset for Thomas’ first trip to the beach!! He wasn’t too impressed with all the stones though! But the views were breath taking!


Monday we looked around Seaton and Beer. Beer is such a pretty fishing village. We stopped to eat some freshly caught seafood from a small fisherman’s cabin near the beach and also brought some Devon fudge (there goes my healthy/dairy free eating for the week then!)



It was so hot in Beer, Thomas drank loads of water, I forgot his water bottle so I had to use an empty cola bottle! haha- he loved drinking from it funnily enough!

Wednesday we went to Sandy Beach near Exmouth. Result! Thomas found some soft sand to play in!! He loved it. But you know what, he loved the sea more! He just kept going into the sea and crawling further and further in! No comprehension of any danger!




Sandy Beach
Sandy Beach

Over looking Sandy beach is a really lovely restaurant that serves amazing seafood. You can just sit outside looking at the view of breathtaking red cliffs- lovely! Look at this food- YUM!


On Wednesday we visited my cousin in Honiton. She has an amazing house in the middle of no where! we had to go through a maze of single track country roads to reach her house- I loved that it was so secluded, but did wonder if they got a bit lonely as her husband works abroad most of the week, her son at boarding school 3 nights week and so it is just her and her 10 year old daughter there most of the time! Apparently she loves being there though as is kept busy will all of the development work going on and her garden! They haven’t started on the house yet and are concentrating on finishing the 3 bedroom annexe so they can move into it before it starts to get cold and then start working on developing the house. The last 2 years they have had to live in a house with no heating! It will be amazing once it’s finished! Just look at this view-


She only lives a few miles from River Cottage, so, of course we wanted to try the local produce! We went to Axminster and tried the River Cottage canteen on Thursday. Can I just say the food was AMAZING! I am usually disappointed whenever I try celebrity restaurants like Jamie Oliver’s Italian, Carluccio’s or Brasserie Blanc. They are sometimes good, but often I go and the food is just bog standard. I once couldn’t finish a burger in Jamie Oliver’s in Milton Keynes- awfully dry I left most of it. BUT the River Cottage canteen did not disappoint! The food was fresh, well thought out and tasted beyond amazing- I was shocked! I don’t usually find this standard of food at most British restaurants (sorry but I don’t!) I had battered Whiting and chips (the mayonnaise was to die for!), my dad had a lamb burger and Pat ordered both the fish platter and meat platter- loved them both! the mussels were in a delicious sauce and were a firm favourite. I recommend anyone to try the River Cottage canteen! I am so happy it didn’t disappoint me, as I love River Cottage!


The whiting was lovely! the batter crisp, chips crisp but fresh and the mayonnaise was amazing I think they used plenty of dill which I LOVE!


To ice the cake, Hugh and Tim sat next to us! and we did ask for a photo :)


Argh, I wish I wore some make up haha- he was looooovely :)

We went to Lyme Regis in Dorset on the Tuesday and Friday. On the Tuesday we went to look around the town and go to the dinosaur museum. Then on Thursday we went to the beach and had fish and chips and ice cream on our last day! Lyme is so pretty, but hilly! I got a good work out in just pushing Thomas around! I do wish we had gone to the beach on the Tuesday though as the weather was soooo hot!


Thomas kept making a run for the sea again, but it was too windy for him to be able to go in.


Thomas got to try his first taste of fish and chips- they were really  good! He loved it!


Pat got to have his seafood. Thomas got to try his first taste of shellfish- lobster and he loved it!


Thomas also got to spend some time with granddad, I am so grateful that they can spend time together as I know when we move to Thailand Thomas won’t get to see him much.

Overall a wonderful holiday. I am aware I have used the word Amazing a lot when writing this post- but to be honest the word describes our holiday pretty well! I am currently scanning for properties in area for when we move back from Thailand mwah-haha

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