My #Morrisonsmum Bank Holiday Weekend

During this bank holiday weekend I have been part of the new Morrisons campaign. The store has slashed it’s prices on thousands of products. I was given £80 worth of vouchers to spend in the store (thank you Morrisons and Britmums!) and asked to buy the things I would usually buy and give my honest opinion of the offers, budget and quality of produce.

Now I must be honest, and this post is very honest, I don’t usually shop at Morrisons. The main reason for this is because it’s a 10-15 minute drive across town to get there and I have a Tesco superstore, M&S, garden centre local produce counter and brand spanking new Waitrose store all a 2  minute drive from my front door. And I get an organic veg box delivered to my door every Friday. So for me to change to Morrisons would take something rather special. After all, I do get a free cup of coffee every time I shop at Waitrose, I get to go clothes shopping every time I walk through M&S, I get my vouchers and money off petrol every time I shop at Tesco and I have lovely fresh organic, local produce from my local Frosts Woburn garden centre and Riverford vegbox!…so it would take something VERY special for me to change to Morrisons as I am set in my ways!!

Therefore this challenge was particularly interesting for me to see if I can save money at Morrisons as we usually spend a ridiculous amount of money on our weekly shopping!!

Quality and Range of Products

We were really impressed with the range of vegetables at Morrisions. Market street, the area where all the fresh vegetables and meat is on show is the real selling point of any trip to there, just look at this:




We were pleasantly surprised with the ethnic foods on offer too, my husband was happy when he saw some Thai products (he’s Thai):



My husband was also happy with the huge bag of chilli:


And there was a huge display and choice of apples. All looked lovely and we managed to hunt out the organic ones:


We also loved the fish section and found that they had a large range of fresh fish available. Now I am VERY fussy about the freshness of my fish and will only shop at M&S or Waitrose for my weekly seafood fix….so I was a bit sceptical at first, but I couldn’t fault Morrisons – there was no fishy smell and all of the fish looked fresh (fish eyes clear, nothing looked dry etc.)….unlike Tesco fish which I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.


Thomas was very happy too as he LOVES fish!


The meat section was good too, my husband did that bit though but I did manage to snap a pic of the name of the nice butcher that explained to us that they cut all of their meat in store and that’s why they were all packaged the way they were. His name was Michael and he was lovely!


My husband managed to pick up some ‘man snacks’ (aka ribs) as well as the meat and fish for the bank holiday weekend:


We had my dad over for a steak dinner on the Friday night, the steak was really good- even my dad said so! On the Saturday we had the plaice fillets which were amazing and on the Sunday we had a roast chicken. The scallops are in the freezer waiting for my husband to cook them :)

Here are some other things we bought:



I was really happy to find local eggs :)


We also brought coconut milk (p.s they didn’t stock KoKo coconut milk in the fresh milk section, I had to hunt it down in the long life milk section) and Almond milk. I was disappointed that they didn’t have a buy 2 for £2 offer going on as Tesco and Waitrose usually do!

Lastly, we got non food items such as a book for Thomas and shower/hair products.

One thing I would like to note is that I couldn’t find very many organic products. I looked everywhere for organic tomatoes, pears and eggs and they didn’t have any. I even asked and the young man said they didn’t have a separate organic goods section but they were all mixed in with the normal ranges- I did look but could only find organic bananas and apples. It would have been nice to have more choice.

Offers & Budget

I did see a lot of price drop signs across the store, but to be honest, a lot of it was for things that I didn’t want to buy. For example baby biscuits, they only had biscuits with milk in, so we couldn’t buy them due to Thomas’ milk allergy, it would have been nice to have more choice.


I stocked up on Ella’s Kitchen pouches, which weren’t on offer which is a shame as Waitrose do them 5 for 5 pounds I think or something like that. But I stocked up nonetheless as I was all out! They also didn’t stock the usual carrot sticks that Thomas likes, so I had to go for the smaller ones for 12 months olds….nor did they stock his Ella Kitchen apple and ginger biscuits….


My husband stocked up on toothpaste, shower gel and hair products, but I refused to as I only ever buy mine on offer and they weren’t on offer in Morrisons that day. We didn’t need to buy any household products because Waitrose had a really good offer the other week so we bulk brought everything then!

I was pleased with the offers on fish, they had a 3 for £10 offer and things like that. The plaice we got was only £2.55 which was a bargain! I didn’t see any nice 3 for £10 meat which is really nice from M&S and Waitrose- I think my husband keeps them in business!! but we couldn’t find anything like that in Morrisons. I would like to note that I think the free range chicken we got was a good price at £4.50!! Other thing like tomato sauce and canned salmon was also a really good bargain price!!

Overall we spent £125 which was over the £80 budget, but then again we usually spend more than £80 on groceries at our big weekly shop anyway.

We also got a coupon for 6p off a litre of petrol which was nice! (but didn’t use it as we got 10p off a litre of petrol at Tesco!)

Last but not least, I got my dad some nice biscuits to say thank you for helping us with our garden over this bank holiday weekend :) …I only wish I could have one! (I’m hoping Thomas will grow out of his cow’s milk allergy ASAP!)


Overall then, we were very impressed with our Morrisons experience. We loved Market Street, we loved the vegetables, herbs, exotic products, fresh seafood and meat. The staff were really friendly and helpful. We did see all of the signs about products being cheaper, but didn’t really notice a difference in our bill. I have a ‘My Waitrose’ card which ensures all of the products we buy at Waitrose matches other supermarkets. And at Tesco we always get a receipt to tell us if we could have saved money elsewhere and the difference back, which is nice, or at least  makes us feel nice! So it would have been nice if Morrisons offered something like this.

I am sure however, that if we wanted to buy Morrisons value range or only products with the price drop symbol, then we would have noticed a bigger saving!

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