Healthy Brownies! (aka. sweet potato brownies)

sweet potato brownies

Healthy brownies?! are there such things in this life? well yes, yes there are!!! whoo hoo!

I took my inspiration from wonderful healthy food blogs such as Deliciousy Ella, Oh She Glows and Bring Joy. I think the most well known is Deliciously Ella’s recipe and I’ve tried hers and it is wonderful, really fudgey, not what I would call ‘brownie’ consistency, but they are divine nonetheless!

I make mine a little more cakey, and a little less fudgey. My husband also suggested I chop up some cashews and add them for a bit of crunch next time and I definitely will!!

The best thing about them though, is that they are egg free and dairy free! So Thomas can enjoy them too :) not that he is a great fan of sweet things, he still had a nibble!

sweet potato brownies
sweet potato brownies

Ingredients (makes around 14 small brownies)

2 medium sweet potatoes

2/3 of a cup of ground almonds

3/4 a cup of buckwheat flour

10 medjool dates

6 tablespoons of raw cacao or normal cacao powder if you don’t have it raw

3 tablespoons of agave nectar or honey

a pinch of salt

Optional: a handful of chopped cachews


Steam the chopped sweet potato until soft and then blend them with the chopped dates.

Add the remaining ingredients and stir well.

Cook for 20 mins on 180 degrees.

Allow to cool before slicing!

It’s THAT simple!


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