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It’s been on my agenda for a long time. Especially during my pregnancy. But I am finally going to take steps to permanently detoxify my health, beauty and cleaning regimes. So I am starting a new ‘Natural Living’ series on the blog as a way to help myself learn about natural living and the best ways to detoxify my life.

When I was pregnant I went out and brought organic washing powder and washed all of Thomas’ newborn clothes ready for his arrival. But over the months my usual washing powder has made a return. During my pregnancy I only ate organic vegetables but today I am eating less of the organic and more of the ‘high sugar’ carbs and sweets. This has to stop. I am not feeling like I have energy any more and my skin has become blemished and oily. I was cleaning the bathroom last night and after breathing in the fumes, then letting Thomas wash and walk over where I had just cleaned with all the chemicals, I finally snapped. I want to detoxify my life.

Modern life is full of toxins. I’ve been reading up and it turns out that MS (which my  mum had) and other autoimmune diseases could be related to the environment and the toxins in your body and the inflammation this causes. The increase in allergies in cities are also related to the modern environment we live in. If I can help Thomas overcome his allergies then this will all be worth it.

Did you know that an average woman applies more than 200 chemicals to her skin by using her skin care products in one day? And that 60% of these chemicals are further absorbed into your bloodstream? (Source: Kora Organics) A lot of beauty products contain harsh ingredients or synthetic chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, alcohol (ethanol) or synthetic fragrances or colourants….and I don’t want them on my skin!

Did you know that organic crops are up to 69% higher in a number of key antioxidants & have 48% lower concentrations of the toxic heavy metal cadmium, while conventionally grown crops are 400% more likely to have pesticide residues? (Source: Newcastle University). So I want to really reflect on what I put inside my body. What is best to buy organic, and what is the cost difference?

Did you know that most household cleaning products are carcinogenic? Is it necessary to use all these cleaning products? can something natural replace them? or are there better ‘greener’ products I could be using?

So what will I be looking at over the next few months in my Natural Living series? Well, I’d like to really look at what’s going inside and on my body. This is my list I will reflect on:

  •  My current beauty regime- including make up and moisturisers
  • My current bath time regime- for mum & baby
  • My current household cleaning regime
  • My current eating habits, including my drinking habits!

I’ve already invested in an organic anti-ageing moisturiser and so far it’s better than my normal one!!!

I hope you will be interested in this new series. I am teaming up with some great brands too and will offer some brilliant ‘greener’ giveaways! So stay tuned! And if you haven’t signed up to my new monthly newsletter please do so now, as I will put the detox posts in it for sure! I will hopefully get the newsletter up and running by mid November with my first giveaway! You can sign up here:

Do you have any tips for more natural living?

What are your favourite organic products that you would recommend?

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