Moist Beetroot and Carrot Cake



250g self raising flour (white or wholemeal)

2 teaspoons baking powder

100g brown sugar or stevia

100g dates (chopped)

150ml coconut or olive oil

2 medium eggs beaten

350g grated mixed carrots and beetroots

Grate the beetroots and carrots into a bowl. Then mix the eggs and oil together and slowly add the flour, baking powder and sugar. Once mixed it may look a bit thick but don’t worry, add the dates, carrots and beetroots and the mixture will loosen up. Stir well.

Put into a 20cm cake tin, 160 degrees for an hour.

There are lots of vegetables in this cake!! moist, earthy and better for you than most cakes!!!

Tip: grate the veg in an electronic food processor- it’ll save you time and no purple fingers! (it takes me 10 mins to prep for this cake, then I just have to wait for an hour for it to cook, so perfect for people with little time and/or with a baby!)



Thomas is a fan
Thomas is a fan

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