Half Marathon Training Week #4

Here is this week’s plan, it’s a bit late as I’ve had to cope with a baby that refuses to be put down, or sleep for more than 30 mins day or night….

Monday & Tuesday ( were rest days as Thomas is teething, has diarrhoea etc. no time to even put him down!)
Wednesday: try to get out for a 3 mile run (but I may have to drive us all to Sheffield and back as husband needs to renew is student status…I am not looking forward to being in the car with a cranky baby!)
Thursday: 5 mile run
Friday: rest day- but with some Tone it Up workouts for legs and core thrown in!!
Saturday: 5 mile run
Sunday: rest day/ yoga at home

As you may notice, I have stepped up my 3 mile runs to 5 mile runs!

I am enjoying getting out and about now the weather is nicer! I love the freedom, relaxation and the me time running gives me! I am just a bit upset that this week I’ve had no sleep and Thomas isn’t feeling well :( If it doesn’t improve I will take him to the doctors tomorrow. I don’t like to leave him in the crèche or take him out with me in the heat or wind if he is unwell.

Here’s to many more days of sunshine though! Remember to wear your sun block and hats for the baby if you go out!! I’ve also discovered if I feed him, then the trip goes a lot more smoothly!


So just 10 miles planned for this week, I need to start getting 4 runs in a week from next week onwards- I don’t know how I will do it! Any tips from other runner mummas out there?

Wish me luck!


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