Half Marathon Training Week #2


Argh this week has been marred by illness and teething! My husband has the flu and Thomas has 3 new teeth coming at once and is inconsolable. Last night I got around 4 hours sleep, the night before that I only got 1.5 hours. So I don’t feel like running on so little sleep! I am also scared that I am going to catch flu!

All that being said, I did some yoga yesterday and am taking Thomas to the crèche today to get in an hours run and gym. So hopefully not all this week will be wasted!

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: Yoga

Thursday: 3.2 mile run & weights in the gym

Friday: 3.2 mile run & 30 mins yoga

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday:  4 mile run

The weather is terrible, so if I can’t go outside then I can always go on the treadmill in the gym or on my cross-trainer at home!

Wish me luck!

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