Mums List Week #3

(I need to learn how to put watermarks on my blog photos!)
(I need to learn how to put watermarks on my blog photos!)


This week has been crazy yet again. And yet again I am late for the Mum’s List linky party! Well, better late than never! and that has been my motto for the week ladies and gentlemen! I keep missing deadlines- I have to read 20,000 words and edit them all before tonight for my husband, I have 4 guest blog posts to finish that should have been handed in already, Thomas had no baby food left so I need to get my Annabel Karmel gloves on and I don’t even want to think about the housework…oh the mess….and what am I doing? trying to blog (this blog post and Thomas’ 8 month update need to go out today/tomorrow) and trying to find a blog theme I actually like!

The plus side of this week is that we have found a great proof reader for my husband’s thesis- so that will let some of the pressure off of me a bit!

We had my best friend and her partner over after not seeing them in I don’t know how long! She has just started her own marketing agency and is really busy. I am happy for her. She deserves it and I know will be really successful in it. She told me all about her new business premises, new clients, trips to London, website design and her plans for holidays. Which left me feeling happy for her, but at the same time really made me wonder what I am doing with my life. I’m 33 in July, I’ve taken the last 18 months off work to have a baby and it will be at least another 9 months before I will be ready to leave Thomas. International development is a fast paced and cut throat industry to be in …you wouldn’t think so, but it is. You have to work loooong hours, things change rapidly, I’ve been out of the game for so long AND now I wouldn’t be able to travel like I used to. I’m not sure anyone would even hire me if I wanted to go part time. I admire the women who remain in international programmes after they’ve had children. But I have never realised before just how much women have to sacrifice (wrong word?) to have a career and children.

Which brings me to the second topic of discussion I had with my best friend- when she will have children! 6 months ago when she quit her old job she started trying for a baby. But now all is going well with her new business they have stopped trying. She told me she wasn’t even sure she wanted children but just felt  like it was now or never. They have also been thinking of adopting as it would mean she wouldn’t have to take so much time off work and wouldn’t have to go through childbirth. Her boyfriend was fine with this. Now, it did shock me as I thought they were still trying to have a baby, and I was looking forward to having a mummy friend, and someone Thomas could play with! But it looks like it’s not going to happen yet :( So that was a shock. But I also decided I want to start trying for a second baby. I was an only child and want Thomas to grow up with siblings close to his age….plus, well…I’m not getting any younger am I!? But that would mean more time off work….and around we go!

Change of topic- Thomas is nearly crawling and has his top teeth coming through! His 8 month update will be up on the blog soon! I enquired about his first birthday cake with my favourite cake maker and she is fully booked already! sob sob….so I am on the hunt for a cake maker! (my decoration skills are terrible otherwise I would give it a go).


As I’ve already posted- I’ve gone self hosted!!! I went with TSO Host in the end as I’ve heard good things about them. So far so good! I’ve learnt all about plug-ins and the likes and have started a Pinterest board with blog designs I like. I am interested to know if people designed their blogs themselves? or paid to have someone do it? any recommendations?

There are so many good blog themes out there. However, much like my fashion sense and hair style- I have a great sense of what looks good on other people, but haven’t got a clue what suits me!! So you may see numerous changes to my blog in the coming few weeks as I find out what fits.

My blogging has taken on a back seat until I finish helping my husband with his thesis. So my blog has been really quiet this week, which is good, as my site did go down for a day! oops, Hannah noticed and I was hoping I’d gotten away with it! So I do need to take a leaf out of Hannah’s book and start blogging more often, my aim is for 2 or 3 posts a week once I get my website design sorted and have finished thesis/spouse-ly duties. I have a HUGE list of blog posts I want to write about and a back log of guest posts to write….maybe I should do what Hannah did and just sit at my desk everyday and just write- like Stephen King :)


As always, Hannah has been an inspiration, she has kept on blogging even though she has been super busy, and you do carry it off well! The team Honk relay was good to watch from an instagram point of view with Hannah’s and Mammasaurus‘ photos particularly good.

Le Coin de Mel wrote an inspirational piece on being a (good in my opinion!) bad mother (in her opinion, but we all know she is someone to look up to!)  and that we all have bad days. What is important is family and that we must take the time to enjoy the small things. I hear that! Us mum’s put ourselves under way too much pressure which is a recurrent theme I have spotted in many blog posts this week!

Maybe we should all take the time to reflect on what is important as this blog post reminds us- 10 life lessons in your 30’s.

Thanks Hannah for hosting!


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