Mum’s List Week 22 ~ I’m Back!!!

So in case anyone noticed, I haven’t blogged in a few weeks. To be honest, I’ve been having some health issues.  The last month or 2 I’ve experience numbness in my hands and feet, especially when I sleep. I went to the doctors a few weeks ago for tests and blood tests (all came back fine) and she said if the numbness spreads/gets worse them go straight to A&E (I got a bit worried at that point!) and she would send me for a MRI scan to check if I had some kind of auto-immune problem such as MS in September (I went home in floods of tears after this as it’s what my mum had!). Needless to say, it got worse. Last Sunday I got really tired and went to bed at 4pm! I woke up at 6pm shaking, cold, and couldn’t move my arms or legs and my chin/lips had gone completely numb!! Pat took me to A&E, we called my best friend who drove down from Northampton to look after Thomas.

The doctors had no idea what was wrong- maybe it was a virus that affected my nerves as my blood test came back with my blood mass elevated, maybe an auto immune disease…but after 3 bags of IV fluid, more IV antibiotics and paracetamol I felt a lot better!! We came home by 11.30pm to find Thomas actually sleeping!! (I was worried my friend wouldn’t be able to get him to sleep!) Anyway, since the hospital I have felt better. Maybe it was the antibiotics? maybe it was the IV fluid as it could have just been exhaustion/dehydration from 12 months of no sleep and crazy breastfeeding!!

Pat also Googled my symptoms and they are EXACTLY the same as severe calcium deficiency (and as it happened I did stop taking my breastfeeding supplements a few months ago as they had soya in the which Thomas is allergic to, and I swapped it for a brand with no calcium in!! doh!) So I’ve also been having ready brek for my breakfasts (containing 50% of my RDA of calcium people) and have been drinking milk (sorry Thomas!…but your reflux is better than it used to be so you have to suck it up until I feel better!) And I do feel much better. So I don’t know what the problem is, but I am starting to feel like I have a bit more energy and so have started blogging again!


It was our 2 year anniversary on Wednesday!


My dad came over to babysit and we went out to our favourite Thai restaurant in Apsley Guise….if anyone is local to Woburn/Milton Keynes then I highly recommend it! As my husband is Thai and gets on well with the staff they blocked off a whole room for use so we could be completely alone and we got free dessert and coffees :)


Look at this food! we ordered way too much but managed to eat all of it!! mwhahaha

Blue Orchid Thai Restaurant

Blue Orchid Thai Restaurant

My dad brought me flowers for our anniversary (my dad NEVER does things like this, I think my trip to A&E scared him!)


We have just been taking it easy for the rest of the week, lots of playing with water in the garden with Thomas!


Well, I wrote my first blog post in a while last night and it got some lovely feedback! It was all about thinking about a second baby! am I crazy?! no…no I’m not…I hope :)


My health advisor, I went for our 1 year review yesterday, she is sending us to a sleep advisor….although I don’t want to stop breastfeeding or co-sleeping….they advised I do if I want Thomas to sleep through the night….blog post on that debate to come!

Hannah from Mums Days- she wrote some excellent motherhood pieces this week. One on what she has learnt about herself (always good to reflect!) and in her newsletter (which if you haven’t signed up to yet, please do! it’s really good!) on if she is cut out to be a good parent…which of course you are! I thought you handled everything in your stride! with or without the neighbour!

I’m linking this week’s post with Mum’s List!


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