How to Build a Massive Social Following- Notes from Guy Kawasaki Google Hangout

How to build a massive social following Guy Kawasaki

So last night at 8pm, 5 minutes after I finally got Thomas off to sleep, I attended my first ever Google Hangout. The best part was getting to listen to such amazing people live…Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick were so friendly and knowledgeable! Guy has 9 million followers, mostly on Google Plus. He constantly wants to provide value.

Here are some notes I made from the meeting, although I would recommend you watch the hangout which is now available on YouTube.

  • Whatever you post should pass the re-share test. Content should be good enough for people to share it. Ask yourself, am I sharing something people will re-share?
  • Keep Calm and Post (post post post, re-post on Twitter)
  • Include a graphic for every post- make it a good image! Make people want to Pin it. Tweet images- they get more interactions.
  • Provide Value: give information,analysis, guidance or humour. Anything to make people want to share and read. You want to be someone worth following.
  • Schedule posts throughout the day, think about what time the go out. Guy posts 6 times a day using Buffer which can post to most social media sites at once.
  • Stick to 1 avatar of yourself to get immediate recognition across all social media channels
  • Stick to 2-3 social media sites and be great at them
  • Guy gave some insights into his favourite Google Plus
  • Peg’s favourite seemed to be Twitter
  • Start conversations with people, be approachable
  • Use Canva for graphics (I’d never heard of it before but have now signed up!)
  • Schedule posts – use something like Buffer, Feedly, Sprout Social, Hoot Suite.
  • Add posts to good finder sites: Feedly, All Top, StumbleUpon, NPR, Holy Kaw, Pinterest

Finally, they are launching a new book ‘The Art of Social Media’ in December. For your chance to get a free copy sign up to Canva, make a picture and send you design to them at

Here is the hangout if you would like to watch it in detail-

Thanks Guy, Peg and Britmums!

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