Thomas’ 9 Month Update


The little man is 9 and a half months old now, so he’s been in the world just as long as I was making him in my tummy. He seems to be enjoying himself since he’s been here! He is the happiest baby I have ever met, always laughing and trying to make you laugh.

Thomas weighs 10.27kg and is 75.2cm long (as of the 7th April 2014)

This month has been full of development for Thomas. In fact I think it’s the 9th month that I have seen him grow (developmentally) the fastest. So here’s what’s been happening this month:

  • He said his first word which was “dada” and has just been repeating it!
  • He can crawl properly now, as well as commando crawl
  • He can pull himself up to kneeling
  • He can go from lying down/crawling to sitting up and vice-versa all by himself
  • He sits up when he wakes up in bed (rather annoying for me!)
  • He can feed himself really well
  • He can hold his own sippy cup really well and just goes and  gets it whenever he wants water.
  • He is opening draws and cupboards by himself and also doors…open, close, open, close….drives me crazy haha
  • Oh and if I’m not quick enough, he starts climbing on me in the night to get milk! which shocked the hell out of me at first!!
  • He has started waving and giving kisses! sometimes wet ones, but I don’t mind :)
  • He LOVES getting his hair brushed, teeth brushed, ears cleaned and fingernails cut…the boy loves being pampered!


Pulling himself up like a pro

I took Thomas to the crèche at my gym on Wednesday whilst I got my hair cut. It was his first time and he LOVED it. I went to check on him after 1 hour and he didn’t even look at me as he was so busy playing! I went to pick him up 45 mins later and he was still enjoying himself looking at the big kids play outside. He loved the crèche workers and they loved him! They said he was extremely friendly and well behaved and loved interacting with the other children- they would never have guessed he hadn’t been around other children much as he just jumped right in (phew!). So I will be taking him back for 2 days next week 1.5 hours each time (whilst I can workout!). Which will be great as I’ve been taking Thomas with me on my runs and he sometimes gets bored and starts crying half way round and then this happens:


Master Thomas getting his way and getting out of the pushchair!

The other day I even had to carry him with 1 hand whilst pushing the pushchair with the other hand for the last 20 minutes of my run! not fun! But mostly, he loves coming with me and it’s all smiles! :



Thomas is eating more or less all finger foods now. He usually has fruit for breakfast with some fresh bread. The fruit is usually banana, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon or raspberries. I also give him pear or apple purée as well as it keeps his bowls in motion!

For lunches he usually has steamed vegetables- sweet potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, parsnip, asparagus, brussels or carrots. I like to give him something that will fill him up a bit more so sometimes he has fish, scrambled egg or boiled egg, avocado, sometimes coconut yoghurt, sometimes bread. We also tried organic baked beans on toast this month which went down well :)

Then for dinner, I usually give him something protein packed, this moth we have been using a lot of quinoa but I also have lentils, chickpeas, white beans, chicken or fish. I cook them with veg and he eats them whole or if he is really tired I purée everything together.

The thing that I am most worried about is his calcium intake, as he can’t eat dairy or soy. So I try to give him plenty of greens and beans which contain calcium.


Thomas and I are still co-sleeping. He sleeps really well from 6.30pm-6am (usually) waking to feed for 2-5 mins at a time every 2 hours or so. This doesn’t bother me as it’s so quick. The only time it bothers me is when he wakes up at 4am….which would suck if we co-slept or not really.



This month it was warm enough to go on the grass- the photo above is Thomas trying to touch the grass. He didn’t like it very much!

Until next month!

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