Thomas’ 8 Month Update

8 months old

Thomas is 8 months and 3 weeks old! I love this age, he is so much more playful and is developing his own personality. What I am NOT loving about this age is the TEETHING arghhhh he woke up at least 5 times last night screaming :( not fun. Not fun at all!!!


  • Weight: 10.15kg!! Thomas is so heavy….it’s like pass the parcel in our house sometimes as no one can hold him too long! haha
  • He has 2 bottom teeth and the top 2 are coming though as I type!
  • His hair is growing a lot, but it’s all different lengths so I don’t want to cut it yet!! Plus I think baby boys with longer wavy hair look so cute!!


  • Thomas is standing on all fours and rocking back and forth like crazzzzy, he does it alll the time! even whilst trying to drink milk!! haha!!
  • He is crawling commando style and getting faster and more confident each day!
  • He can sit up but keeps pushing himself back really really hard, and bangs his head on the floor, so I have to keep putting pillows behind him.
  • His pincer grip still amazes me! and he is paying attention to such small details like my earrings or hair and strokes them softly which is really nice when he does it- but then a big tug on my hair comes a long and hurts!
  • He can throw really well, like really well, he can throw an object a few metres away now!
  • He is getting good at moving his shapes along his bendy abacus frame, he can do it with precision now! clever boy!
  • He loves his musical books and know which buttons to press! Farmyard animal are his favourite!
  • He is babbling more and more- please say mummy first!!
  • He can hold his sippy cup by  himself
Crawling any day now!
Crawling any day now!


5.30/6am wakes up and has milk

7am breakfast

8/8.30am  milk and nap 30 mins – 1 hour

9-11.30 playtime

11.30-1pm milk and nap time

1pm lunchtime

1.30-3/3.30 playtime/go out

3/3.30pm milk and nap (for 20 mins if alone or 1 hour is he is on his dad!)

4-5pm playtime

5pm dinner

5.30-6pm quiet play/ book time

6/6.30pm milk and bed. He still has 5 short feeds during the night. Sleeps in his cot until 1am or 3am, sometimes 5am but mostly comes into bed with as I just can’t settle him if he wakes after a certain point.

loves strawberries and tomatoes


This could be one long list! But I would say it is mostly the same as last month!

  • Loves when you babble/talk/scream back to him
  • Loves his Nuby sippy cup when in his pushchair, keeps him quiet!
  • Loves mobile phones, fridge door, light switches, remote controls etc!! That’s how I get him to crawl- he won’t make the effort to get anything else! haha
  • Loves strawberries and halved tomatoes now and will put a whole one in  his mouth- greedy baby
  • Loves his toy box and will crawl there first thing in the morning and tip everything out!
  • Loves the sideboard in the living room- he likes playing with the handles.
  • Loves singing and blowing raspberries as most babies do!
  • Loves books (and magazines and anything paper to completely destroy haha)
  • Loves his door bouncer and just jumping in general!!
  • Loves his toy box!
    Loves his toy box!


  • The hoover, blender and anything that makes a loud noise like that.
  • Getting his hands and face wiped after eating
  • Me leaving the room
  • Taking things away from him- mini tantrums galore!

cool dude


Until next month!

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