Thomas’ 6 month update

Where has half a year gone? I suppose everyone says that, but seriously, it goes so so quickly! probably because I’ve been in a state of delirious happiness/tiredness the whole time!

YUP...I'm 6 months already!
YUP…I’m 6 months already!

Thomas this month:

  • 2 teeth came through!
  • Started sitting up (still a bit wobbly!)
  • Rolling a lot better
  • Passing objects from hand to hand
  • Pincer grip getting so good! can even pick up peas by himself!
  • Loves swimming and baths
  • Loves people singing to him
  • loves when mummy copies his voice…(in the hope he will start copying me one day!)
  • Saying “yeah” a lot…. I’m a bit gutted he didn’t say mummy first though haha
  • Eating solids…. loves butternut squash, avocado and bread the most!
  • Thomas is 30 inches long and 9kg (19.97lbs)!!!
toothy grin in his new chair
toothy grin in his new chair

Thomas has started using his play pen more now too, he has yet to  stand up or even sit up by himself, so I haven’t lowered the play pen yet (or his cot for that matter, not that he sleeps in there) but I will this week!


And I’ve tried getting him used to drinking from a sippy cup- not that he likes water very much!

yep, I drink from a big boy cup now
yep, I drink from a big boy cup now


I start Thomas’ bedtime routine around 6pm and this includes quiet play time, a song whilst we walk upstairs (he loves it going up and down stairs for some reason!?) clothes and nappy change …and if he’s not cranky and wanting to feed at this point, then I brush his teeth. Then feed him to sleep/semi asleep. He is usually sleeping by 6.45pm. He’ll wake 30 or 60 mins later for another feed. Then every 2-3 hours in the night.

The last few weeks I was bothered by this. Mostly because I see other babies sleeping through the night. But after reading the ‘No Cry Sleep Solution’ I found out that it’s normal for co-sleeping breastfeeding babies to feed more frequently. He usually only feeds quickly and is back asleep in 1o mins. So it’s not that much trouble. He has started to self soothe, especially during nap times and in the early hours of the morning when he wakes more frequently- yay! We get out of bed and go downstairs for breakfast by 7am (he usually wakes around 6.30am).

7am I clean kitchen

7.30am I eat breakfast with Thomas

8.30am go back upstairs for milk feed and nap

9-11 now takes a long nap in the morning! (I’m hoping this is a new thing as it’s usually only an hour whoo hoo) He usually has a quick feed when he wakes up too.

11-12 I get him dressed and dress myself and we go downstairs for play time

12-1.30pm usually his dad takes him whilst I do housework/make lunch for everyone/study. If his dad doesn’t take him then I play with him on his play mat.

Then if we are at home 1.30pm/2pm-ish he has another long nap after his milk feed! (2 hours the last few days!) then plays until dinner (5pm for him) until 6pm OR we go to the gym and Thomas will nap in his pram for 40 mins whilst I push him around for a walk whilst his dad goes to the gym and then we are home by 4ish and we play, then Thomas has dinner around 5pm and then plays until the bedtime routine starts. On days we go out he will have another 1 hour nap around 4pm after his milk feed.


  • Loves eating butternut squash, avocado, Ella’s kitchen apple and ginger biscuits, peas, tomatoes, bread, apple and cinnamon bread, broccoli, sweet potato, sweetcorn.
  • Loves kicking anything!
  • Loves peek-a-boo with his dad
  • Loves touching and grabbing hold of everything/anything when we walk around the house
  • Loves it when I copy him
  • Loves me blowing raspberries on his neck
  • Loves going to play group and singing!
  • Hates eating fruit, banana, yoghurt- anything milk (hence I think a possible milk allergy? he also screams/goes red after eating milk/yoghurt sometimes, not every time though…it’s confusing!)
  • Hates the food blender and vacuum cleaner
  • Hates being alone and not getting 100% attention- for example if I look at my phone he will hit it out of my hand! haha
I love to play!
I love to play!

We didn’t do anything special for his 6 month birthday, everyday is special with him (awww). But no, I will do something for his 1st birthday, and the lady I want to get his birthday cake from is fully booked all this year already- whaat!! so I’ve realised I should start planning! We’ve been to 2 birthday parties last week- so I kinda know what I should be doing now! Although I’ve realised I want small scale- no bouncy castles or hiring singers in halls like the 2 parties I went to last week! It will be at home, with home made food made by me, and mums singing (sorry mums) and maybe some easy games- are 1 year old’s too young to understand pass the parcel? OK maybe I do have some homework to do!

Anyone have any good 1 year old birthday party ideas?

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