Thomas’ 5 month Update

Well this is a lot late! as he was 6 months a few days ago! but I’ve had family visit from Thailand and have been busy with them for the last month! Thomas loved having extra faces around the house and the extra attention!! but now I think he’s got used to all the extra games and carrying around and he cries the moment I put him down! He is going to have to get used to just me and his dad- and we do need to put him down!

Last I checked he was 18.5lbs and he is wearing 6-9 month old clothes, he is so tall! Sometimes people mistake him for an older baby because of his size!



Now, this month has been all about sleeping! He was SO GOOD in his cot when I first put him there when he was around 3 months old. BUT since he got a cold around a month ago he won’t sleep in there! (me sobbing). He will fall asleep if he is REALLY tired at night. But as soon as it hits 1am he seems to realise where he is and refuses to sleep- just screams until I give up and let him sleep in my bed. I tried the pick up and put down method for around 2 weeks with no results. I’m not a fan of letting him cry it out (I tried for a night) as he really does get worked up. I’ve heard stories from people where it worked, but Thomas doesn’t just sob a bit for half an hour then nod off. He cries/screams/convulses for hours.  It was painful. I vowed to not go down that route again unless it really is my last option. My new strategy is to really get down our routine (making sure I say good night in the same way, read a short book and sing the same song) and also use sleep associations- for this I use a comforter (a blanket/bear doll) and most importantly- I am trying to stop him from feeding to sleep. I think he gets so worked up and wakes so frequently because he can’t self soothe. Therefore I am feeding him whilst he is still awake and then staying with him until he gets sleepy (usually to the point he swishes his head from side to side, starting to close his eyes) then I go out of the room (I usually have to do this process at least twice as he will cry once he notices I’m not there the first time). All this is done in my bed. Because I want to get him self soothing and sleeping better before I move him to the cot. I think asking him to self soothe as well as sleep in his cot is asking too much all at once.

So, I guess I am an accidental attachment mum! I am happy with this for now, as he still wakes every 2 hours throughout the night for feeds so it’s just easier to co-sleep until he is down to 1 or 2 night feeds. Then I will embark on the mission to get him to sleep in his cot! To be honest I do enjoy and cherish every moment of having him so close. To the point where I would rather sleep in the nursery than in my bedroom with my husband (shhh don’t tell him that :)

Developments this month include rolling over from this stomach to his back, trying food for the first time, looking up and down a lot more and grabbing things a lot better and with more co-ordination. This month for some reason he loved sticking his tongue out! it was very funny :) He is picking up/touching everything in sight and moving around so much more! He practically crawls/squirms all over me- I don’t know what I am going to do if he gets much bigger!



Christmas was really fun! We didn’t get him anything other than a stocking to play with! haha. He is too young to really appreciate anything and we plan on filling the stocking up for him next year. What he did love though, was the wrapping paper! He went crazy over it!! In the end I put all of the paper in a big pile and let him play in it!!

New Year was quiet, Thomas woke for a feed at 5 minutes to 12 so we went downstairs and watched the fireworks with dad. Thomas didn’t know what was going on, but it was nice to see the New Year in as a family :)

Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and happy New Year!!

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