Thomas you are 18 months!


Thomas! How can you be 18 months old already? Where did my little baby go? The baby who had to be put into tiny baby clothes until he was a month old! You are now wearing clothes for 2-3 year old children! how?!?! Your growth amazes me everyday, and not just your body mass but your little mind too!

You are so friendly, you say hello to everyone who passes you. You even try to feed total strangers! You never want to sit still in restaurants, you love to investigate everything and say hello to all the waiting staff. You won’t sit in your pushchair either. You always want to walk. You don’t want to hold my hand. You are becoming so very independent which is so exciting but also quite scary! You certainly keep me fit !!

This month we bought a new house. It’s just a mile down the road from where we live now. I am so excited for you. You will get to play with squirrels in the back garden you will have more room to run around in and it’s only a 5 minute walk to a big lake which you adore. I will take you to see the ducks whenever you want (err within reason! not a 5am though!) We will be so sad to leave our current house, the house where I gave birth to you in our dining room. I know you love it as much as we do- especially the park we overlook…but I promise I will bring you back here often and tell you the story of your birth.

This month we are also thinking about writing a will…thinking about your future if anything happens to us, thinking about your education, guardians and savings. We don’t do anything for ourselves anymore, everything we do is to give you the best life possible.

On the sleep front, well you still baffle me! We have gone to baby sleep clinic twice and both times I was pressured to stop breastfeeding you and to start sleeping separately. I agree that if I want to get unbroken sleep and start trying for another baby then you need to stop feeding at night. But not sleeping with you breaks my heart. I know it will happen one day, but I’ve grown so used to sleeping with you, we are in total symbiosis. Maybe when we move house then I will move you to your own room. But to me, you are still so small, still in need of me at night. Why rush?

You are so good at communicating now, you know so many words and surprise me everyday with things you learn at nursery. You know what you like and don’t like. You don’t say ‘no’ yet, you just shake your head violently if you don’t want something! If you do want something then you say ‘more!’ avidly pointing at the object you want! You never want to eat vegetables anymore, unless they are in a stew, soup, on a homemade pizza or pie. I have to get creative in the kitchen! You don’t like sweets or biscuits, which I am thankful for (while it lasts!) but you do like your bananas and custard!

Your favourite activity is being outside! Just like your mummy, you love to run! and just like daddy you love to play football! I take you outside everyday….even when it’s freezing and I really don’t want to go…I know how important at least one trip outside is to you. I never get bored when I’m out there with you, your enthusiasm is contagious!

You also love to go to nursery- you run across the carpark, jump to reach the doorbell and run into your nursery class without even a look back! You love reading books, throwing things, your happyland train, making dens, playdough, messy play, cooking, playing with water…the list goes on…you are always doing something! I love your zest for life and learning, never change!


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