Thomas’ 11 Month Update


In a few days Thomas will be 1 year old. This has been the fastest year of my life, but also the most wonderful year. I could never have imagined myself as a mother before I gave birth and I can now say that motherhood is the greatest experience of my life. I am filled with happiness every time I look into Thomas’ eyes and am so proud of each and every one of his achievements.

This month Thomas had discovered his scream again, and loves to scream whenever he is in a room that echoes or whenever he hears another baby scream!

There are no new words this month, they are the same as last month. Instead this month has been more about movement. He is walking with his walker much more confidently now and walking along the side of the sofa, bed, railings…anything he can grab a hold of! He also loves it when I hold his hand to walk and we walk all over the house. He is also practising standing without holding onto things. This is his new favourite pastime and he does it continuously when he is in bed and I am trying to get him to sleep! I think it’s because the mattress is soft so he is more confident as he knows he won’t hurt himself when he falls!

Communication wise Thomas now instigates playtime. He loves playing pee-a-boo and will do it whenever there is a pillow or blanket nearby and will just start doing himself now rather than me instigating it. He also likes to play ball and will just throw the ball when he wants to play and looks at me- I can never say no haha. He also starts dancing whenever he hears music. Sometime he just does it randomly and I start singing and he finds this hilarious!

Thomas went on his 1st holiday this month too. We chose to go away in England because I had so many great family holidays here when I was little so really wanted his 1st holiday to be in the UK!

wpid-wp-1404117686274.jpegWe went to Devon/Dorset and he loved every minute of it!

This week will be spent cleaning the house ready for his 1st birthday party on Saturday! I can’t believe it’s been a year! I know everyone says that, but honestly, he will be 16 before I blink!

Please tell me things will slow down!!


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