Thomas’ 10 month Update


Sob sob sob my baby is growing up. I am half sad and half super excited for him! I must say the last few week have seen Thomas develop leaps and bounds. He learns so so quickly and copies everything he sees!!

Words he can say:

  • ‘dada’
  • ‘hi’ (always with a wave!)
  • ‘yes’
  • ‘ter’ (meaning water)

And I know he can understand ‘sleep’ because he will always put his head down and pretend to sleep (smiling…not even trying to sleep though grr). He can understand ‘milk’ when I go to breastfeed and gets excited every time haha. He can also understand ‘kiss kiss’ and he will kiss the air or kiss me….pulls my heart strings every time! :) And he waves when you say bye or hi to him…and LOVES saying hi to himself and waving to himself in the mirror!! haha :)

He still can’t say ‘mummy’ yet though :( mind you, I never repeat the word to him, so I’m not that surprised he can say other things first!

And I don’t think he understands the word ‘NO’ or at least he chooses not to! Especially when it come to trying to touch the TV!


 Mummy I WILL get to the TV!!

He has been standing up holding onto things like a pro and can even shuffle along whilst standing. He can also climb up onto things now! I usually help him up the stairs, he loves it, and can nearly do it all by himself, I just need to help him balance.


Can we go upstairs now mummy??

He is always looking outside too, he loves the outdoors just like his mumma!

Thomas' new friend

His crawling skills have been fine tuned. He is now a turbo crawler… especially if he wants something…he is like lightning!


 charrrrge!!! give me my ball daddy!!!

 I don’t think it will be long before he can walk. He is pulling himself up to standing all of the time and standing holding onto my leg, or holding my hand, or using his baby walker. He has tried walking with his walker but generally pulls it rather than pushes it!! he is so very nearly there though!!! he is pretty determined to do it and is practising all day everyday! so I don’t think it will be too much longer!

Thomas favourite things at 10 months:

  • His touch and feel books and sound books (it’s the 1st thing he will go to in the morning and before bed!)
  • Washing his hands under the tap
  • Baths….anything to do with water!!
  • going to the crèche
  • going to soft play
  • going outside
  • Listening to people sing
  • Peek-a-boo
  • Pulling himself up to standing and looking very proud of himself
  • Taking everything out of my changing bag, taking everything off my bedside table…you get my gist?!
  • He has gone off some of his favourite foods like broccoli and sweet potato :( but is still a big fan of fish and asparagus!


Wakes around 5am

Naps at 8.30am, 11.30am and sometimes around 3pm. He will take 2 shorter naps and the 11.30am nap will usually  be for 2 hours if he sleeps with me or on his dad!

Breakfast at 6.30, lunch at 12 and dinner at 5pm. He will breastfeed before each nap in the daytime.

Then he will breastfeed at 6/7pm (bedtime) 9pm, 11pm, 1am and 3am.

We are still co-sleeping because of his frequent night waking which is tiring, but I love being so close to him. There is so much I would miss if I didn’t sleep with him. He is so cheeky and funny when he feeds and when he wakes up- so I try to enjoy every minute of it as I know it won’t last forever!

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