How can my baby be 2 already?!


Thomas! How can my baby be 2 already? Where did the time go? I still don’t really feel like I’ve gotten myself together yet…we are still in the phase of frequent night waking and breastfeeding…I’m not going to compare to others…only yesterday we had his 2 year check up and I was told that if I stopped the breastfeeding then the night waking would stop and I would feel more rested. Well yeah, but I still love that bond, that special time, and I know he isn’t ready to stop either yet. I can tell by the way he yearns for it every night before bed, the way his body immediately relaxes, his eyes rolling with total relaxation, his smile when he knows it’s about to happen…that connection we have. I’m addicted to that connection. As much as I want another baby, I just can’t force him to stop.

I always thought that by the time Thomas was 2 I’d either be pregnant again, or back at work. But I’m neither. Not that that’s a bad thing. It’s just not where I thought I’d be.  I still feel like I have little time for myself. I never get to my yoga class or have time to do it at home. I nearly always miss my Tuesday morning body attack class because the crèche at the gym is always full. I never have time to blog. Or just go shopping. Although Thomas goes to nursery three mornings a week, I use those mornings to help Pat with his uni work and also get our new house renovations completed. I should be using nap-times to be more productive I guess- but I’m so tired from waking up 5-7 times a night that I usually nap with him! I guess that’s just the phase my life is in right now. By Christmas the renovations will have been completed and university will be over….so I am just counting the days!

So over to Thomas!


Thomas loves Postman Pat and Mike the Knight…..he says “patty pat” for Postman Pat which I find adorable! and for ‘In the Night Garden’ he just sings “iggle piggle” and for Peppa Pig he makes a pig sound. Maybe he should be able to say the names of programmes by now, but I know what he means! and that’s the main thing! Not that he watches too much TV or anything 😉 We have it on in the morning so that I can get ready and clean the kitchen and make breakfast in peace and then he has a Peppa Pig and Postman Pat DVD for in the car (it’s more or less the ONLY way I can get him in his car seat!) and then that’s usually it. Unless he has a late night or is upset if I’m making dinner and not giving him enough attention then I will put In the Night Garden on. Some days we don’t watch TV at all. We got given lots of Fireman Sam and Mr….what-ever-his-name-is from Cbeebies…you know the one with the spotty bag…yeah…he gives me one big headache so we have ‘lost’ those DVDs for a while! 😉

Recently I’ve been noticing some changes in his ability to concentrate, he can sit and scribble on paper for a good twenty minutes or flip through a book cover to cover. He even sits and watches a whole TV programme now too. He’s also much more interactive with other children his age too. Before he was only interested in older children or playing by himself alongside others his age, not really WITH them. Now he actually interacts and is much more sociable with his peers. It’s so satisfying to watch.

Because we are still living in what can only be described as a building site, I thought that a messy 2nd birthday party was a must have! Thomas and I made a Mike the Knight castle out of old fridge freezer boxes. We borrowed a bouncy castle from a friend. I even got him a Mike the Knight birthday cake made. It was a great party with loads of family and friends. I couldn’t have imagined a better day! And yes, we got chocolate trodden into the carpet- but I didn’t care one bit as we are getting them all replaced before Christmas 😉

Mike the knight birthday cake

We also had his 2 year check up last week. Everything is as it should be thankfully. I was really nervous going into the check up, as I’m still breastfeeding, and as I’ve said before- after a year no one is really that positive anymore about the whole breastfeeding thing. In fact, every HV I’ve spoken to said I should stop and let Thomas cry to sleep. “Toughen up” seems to be the new mantra of the NHS. I’m not going to go into the gentle parenting debate in this post. BUT there is a difference between boundaries and illustrating what good behaviour is by showing them through doing it yourself so they can copy and ‘toughen up/cry it out/say no to everything he does wrong’ type thinking. He will eventually stop breastfeeding, I have a plan for getting him into his own bed once renovations to the house are complete and his behaviour is pretty good and I’ve never told him off once. He is the friendliest, kindest little boy you could ever imagine. In fact, the most worrying thing for the HV at the check up was his over friendly behaviour because he says hello and goodbye to everyone! (err I’m not going to waste my time worrying about that!!). So yes, overall it was really positive. I don’t know why I worried about the check up at all?!

He is going to move up from his nursery to the pre-school at the end of August. At 25 months  that seems a little too soon! But he will move with his friends and the nursery seem to think he’s ready- and he seems happy too! My little boy is growing up! (bitter sweet emotions here!!)

What about you? Did you have a positive 2 year check up?

Did you have a low key 2nd birthday party or a messy one like we did?


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