Uppababy Vista Review #2

So Thomas was born 2 months ago now. So what do we think of the Uppababy Vista now we have used it? See my first review here.

We LOVE it!!!

Uppababy Vista

We didn’t use it much in the first month, so that’s why it’s taken me so long to write another review on it. I had some infections, lots of sleepless nights and Thomas wouldn’t go more than 20 mins between feeds so it was more or less impossible to get out of the house! But the past 2 weeks have been a lot better and I have been taking Thomas for walks using the cot attachment and have taken him to the gym and have been shopping using the car seat attachment.

The first time we used the carry cot attachment wasn’t actually with the pushchair we used it as a bassinet when Thomas was first born as we hadn’t got a moses basket yet. He slept in there very comfortably and it was easily portable between the bedroom and living room.

Using the travel cot outside is very easy. There is plenty of space and now Thomas is 10  weeks old he still has plenty of room in there (whereas he has nearly outgrown his moses basket!). The only downside with getting out and about with the travel cot attachment is the sheer size of it. We have a Skoda Superb with a very large boot and we can only just squeeze the travel cot and the base in there. So this makes going food shopping very difficult as there is not enough room in the boot for lots of food plus the Uppababy Vista. In addition, I find that in sunny weather the sun can still get to the baby’s face through the mesh at the sides and the back. I know that the mesh is for ventilation in hot weather, but I find that I am constantly choosing between ventilation and/or shade for Thomas’ face- I can’t seem to have both when walking around. So I usually end up closing the ventilation flaps in order to keep him in the shade.

uppababy vista

We use the Maxicosi car seat with the Uppababy Vista. The first 2 months we used the supportive back cushion that came with the Maxicosi and Thomas HATED his car seat. He wouldn’t sit in it for more than 10 seconds before crying. However, at 2 months old he was too tall for the supportive back cushion and so we took it out and now he likes sitting in his car seat! obviously he found the back cushion uncomfortable and he has lots of space now :) The sun shade is very good, and I take it down whenever I go shopping as he LOVES looking around. I find that if I keep the sun shade up then he can’t see a lot and ends up getting bored and starts crying. In addition I use the car seat attachment whenever we go food shopping to give us more room in the boot of the car for shopping bags. The attachment clips for the Maxicosi are really easy to slot in and it’s so so easy to fix the seat into the back seat of the car using the seat belt (two things I was really worried about when I bought it).

maxicosi car seat

Thomas can’t support his head fully so we aren’t using the main seat for the Uppababy Vista yet. However, I will start using it soon as I think Thomas would prefer looking around at things rather than lying down in the carry cot. He rarely takes naps in the daytime anyway, and he gets bored quickly and doesn’t like lying on his back at all so I think the time has come to ditch the cot attachment and start using the main Uppababy seat. This is good timing as the weather is starting to get cold and I am looking forward to using the foot muff we got with the pushchair :)

uppababy vista

What else can I say about the pushchair? well…. it’s really easy to unpack- I did have trouble folding it up in the shop and was really worried I wouldn’t be able to get the hang of it- but I worried for nothing as I haven’t struggled with it once. It’s so easy and just glides into a folded position. The wheels and suspension are AMAZING!!! The pushchair glides along and is SO EASY to go up and down curbs, cut across grass, walk on cobbled streets and gravel. I can easily push it with one hand. I’ve even started power-walking around a lake with it and it just glides along and Thomas can’t feel any bumps and doesn’t suffer from a shaking pushchair. One thing I would just mention is that my husband does not like the foam handle- he feels it can change shape as when the pushchair is folded the handle is being squashed by the base. Also, there is very little room to use the under storage basket when using the carry cot attachment. We have to remove the cot to put bags under there! It would help if Uppababy made it easier to use the basket with the carry cot attachment. Lastly, the back wheels do take some getting used to. They are wider than the frame of the pushchair and get caught on doors and various things if you don’t leave enough room to get through.

We haven’t used the pain covers or mosquito nets, or the foot muff yet! So I can’t comment on any of them! but will update you if I get the chance to use them  :)

Over all we are tremendously happy with our decision to get the Uppababy Vista- and I really don’t think any other model of pushchair on the current market can beat it.

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