Thomas 7 Month Update

Thomas 7 Months

Thomas is 7 and a half months now, and he is growing in charisma as well as in size! I love doing these updates! I will look back on them one day with Thomas and remember all the things he got up to :)


  • 2 bottom teeth have grown in size, no new teeth yet though!
  • Doctor last weighed him at 19.9lbs 2 weeks ago now
  • Loves sitting up…although still falls to the side
  • Love rolling alllllll over the place!
  • LOVES jumping. I would call him jumping tigger- but he’s more like a jumping winnie the pooh :)
  • Thomas loves banging things together to make a noise
  • He also loves hitting his thigh and my hand with his hands to make a noise- he still hasn’t mastered how to clap his own hands…nearly there though!
  • He can get up onto his knees sometimes, and likes to crawl commando style, but not proper crawling YET (Thankfully as I still need to babyproof!). He can still get anywhere he wants to go though.


  • Goes to bed at 6pm and wakes at 6am. He usually wakes 5 times a night for feeds (less than 5 mins each time on a good night, up to an hour on a bad night!). I know this because I filled out a baby sleep log from Pantley’s ‘No Cry Sleep Solution’ (Not that I think his sleep problems can be solved until his allergies/reflux is sorted)
  • Breakfast is at 7am, lunch at 12 noon and dinner at 5pm.
  • Naps include a 30 min nap around 8.30am (sometimes it’s an hour if I can catch him in time and rub his back before he wakes himself up fully). He will take a longer nap around 11.30am- but I have to stay with him or his dad does. This nap is usually an hour and a half. Then he may take a short 30 min nap around 3pm but this is hit or miss. It’s ALWAYS a struggle to get him to nap during the day!


  • We have tried more or less the same as last month as I am scared to introduce too many new food because he may be allergic. With the addition of beetroot purée and coconut yoghurt. I’ve kept him eating butternut squash, sweet potato, avocado, peas and broccoli most days as I know he has no reaction to these foods.
  • I’ve stopped giving Thomas any dairy, including yoghurt as he has a suspected Cow’s milk allergy (Thomas will get blood tests at the end of March to confirm).
  • I’ve also stopped giving him cereals and bread as I think he also has an allergy/reaction to wheat or gluten.
  • Pears seem to be OK now, so I try to give him some every 2 days as he gets constipation easily.
  • I also give him more water now too with meals to try and ease his bowel movements!
  • Thomas still LOVE to breastfeed. 5 times in the night. 5 times in the day.
Where's my fish?
Where’s my fish?


  • Loves jumping, including bouncing on my knee
  • Loves me singing, especially whilst bouncing and/or clapping his hands for him.
  • Loves when I say mama or dada
  • Loves blowing raspberries
  • Loves bath time
  • Loves swimming
  • Loves being naked
  • Loves putting everything in his mouth
  • Love the remote control and mobile phone
  • Loves books….generally to hit them :)
  • Hates the food blender still
  • Hates when I leave the room
  • Hates/can’t sleep by himself
  • Hates getting dressed/undressed
Found it!
Found it!

Still the happiest baby I know!

Until next month!


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