Thomas’ 3 month update!

oh my oh my…. a quarter of a year has passed already!! I know I said this in my last monthly update but Thomas is growing sooooo quickly and time is just flying by!! does anyone else feel as though their baby is growing in front of their eyes? I swear sometimes I’ve noticed his hair or fingernails grow within only a few hours!!

3 month baby update

So Thomas went from being something like 6lbs 2oz his first week (he lost some after birth) to now being 14lbs 9oz!! you can see the huge difference in the picture above! How can breastmilk make something grow that quickly!?!? lol must be powerful stuff!!

I must admit I am looking forward to the next 3 months….I did love the newborn months but I was sooooo sleepy everyday I am only just starting to get my mojo back and feel that I can put so much more into this next phase as I am sleeping sooooo much better!!! There are no more 5 hour marathon feeds, no more waking up EVERY HOUR of the night !! :) Rather his schedule is something like this:

5.30 am poo and wakes up (yeah I wish he woke up later!) we feed, I try to convince him to go back to sleep (I fail at this everyday) then I give up and shower and clean up a bit etc.

9am starts to get sleepy so feed him and he takes a 30 min nap

10-11.30 play time for him, I try to get some housework done, maybe a short youtube workout (this happens rarely)

11.30 try to get him to nap (doesn’t always happen) he usually just eats

then around 1 or 2 we go for a 5km walk (he dozes off)

3.30pm home and Thomas feeds and takes a nap

then we chill out, read a book, go on the play mat, go food shopping etc etc until around 5.30pm when he feeds again and sometimes naps (again he is not a big napper in the day…..this rarely happens, he usually just dozes on my boob!)

6-7 I try to cook dinner with my husband although Thomas usually complains due to lack of attention lol

7pm start feeding and getting ready for bed and Thomas usually is in his own cot sleeping by 8pm. We have our night-time routine down! :) just the daytime routine to get into now!!

Night time feeds are: 11.30pm, 1.30am, 3.30am (sometimes they take 5 mins, sometimes 45 if he is vomits and wakes himself up lol and quite a few times he misses the 11.30pm feed and doesn’t wake until 1.30am yeey-hah!)

So I am not sure if this is technically sleeping through the night…..but it’s a hell of a lot better than a month ago!!!  I think it’s the shorter feeds that saved my life!! when he goes a night missing his 11.30pm feed and only  takes a 5 min feed at 1.30am I feel like a million dollars!! (this does not happen often)

Developmentally, Thomas is a lot more alert to everything going on! he smiles when you talk to him, he lets out huge belly laughs, he loves his touch and feel books and is really interested in other babies and children. He still loves music, Old McDonald had a Farm is a firm favourite along with the theme tune to Mike the Knight!


He can lay for ages staring at his musical mobile, kicking his turtle (see video on my instagram). ummm…..tummy time is not his favourite thing but we do it! he prefers to just stare at the colourful play mat and feel the textures rather than be on his tummy though! we practice sitting up and he just stares and tries to touch his feet- which is so adorable! as his stomach is quite big and he can’t quite reach his toes yet! haha


He can sit up if I support him and can support his own head now :) he likes to reach out and feel things…..although still needs to practice actually holding and feeling rather than the current swatting with his fists!

What else? … breastfeeding is still going strong (this was not always the case! I had a lot of difficulties!) I get a blocked duct here and there but the mastitis and engorgement are much better!!…(I will one day write a blog post on my experiences as I really feel that new mums need to hear about these things!! I was totally caught off guard as no one ever talks about it!). Anyway, as the breastfeeding is a lot better, I will continue with it for sure until 6 months, or a year. I’ve found the changing rooms in David Lloyd gym and John Lewis breastfeeding facilities a life saver! as I still don’t like to breastfeed in public.

I’m really excited about the next 3 months! maybe he will start crawling, saying a few words (am I being too hopeful?!) starting to eat food!! oh I am planning all of the baby food I will make him! Baby led weaning here we come!

I’ve read that in month 3 babies will start to remember colours, hold things much better, laugh more, roll over (he can lift his shoulders off the floor but still hasn’t mastered the rolling!)…. I can’t wait to see his reaction when he first rolls over! he will probably cry with shock (which is what he did when he first laughed and couldn’t stop himself haha)

Oh and Thomas has been wearing 3-6 month clothes for 3 weeks now! that’s it for now xx

If anyone has any suggestions on getting him to sleep through I’d welcome comments!

me & chubba bubba (excuse the laundry in the background :)
me & chubba bubba (excuse the laundry in the background :)

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