Thomas’ 2 month update

WOW! I can’t believe it!! 2 months have flown by!! So much has happened and changed. I really wish I wrote things down more because when I came to writing this update I found it so hard to remember everything!

I think the biggest change this month has been the level of alertness that Thomas now has….he is ALWAYS looking around, lifting his head, smiling and laughing. He now reaches out to hit the mobile above his bouncer and even kicks me and hits me when we are in bed and he wants feeding! haha! He even has little baby conversations with himself….always cooing and squawking!

2 months

Thomas is so alert! his eyes are now even wider! he makes eye contact a lot more now…and he can follow us with his gaze when we walk across a room and he smiles when we talk to him….it’s so heart-warming to see him smile! The best moment of my day is when I wake up first thing in the morning and he gives me a huge smile….it really melts my heart every time :)

Bath time can be hit or miss. When he is in a good mood and I sing to him whilst in the bath he LOVES it. He smiles and laughs  the whole time. BUT if he is tired or a little grumpy then he screams the house down! I usually give him a bath at bedtime as part of our bedtime routine. But some mornings he does such as messy poo that it explodes out of his nappy and goes up  his back and gets on his feet that I just plonk him in the bath there and then!!

Thomas’ favourite song is ‘Old McDonald had a Farm’ – he smiles every time we sing it to him!!!!

8 weeks old

I do dress Thomas up…we have sooooo many clothes for him and he is growing sooooo quickly that we didn’t even get the chance to use some of his newborn outfits as the weather was so hot, we couldn’t use a lot of the sleep suits and cardigans :( but I did make an effort to dress him in this green suit….I call him little elf :)

little elf

Now, Thomas had so so so much trouble sleeping the first month. He still does.

But it has gotten better. For example, in the first month I was lucky if he slept 2 hours a night and he NEVER slept during the day. He fed CONSTANTLY. But around week 7/8 he got a lot better and he started going for 1 hour between feeds and started taking a 1 hour nap around 3.30pm. Now at 2 months this is his schedule (it changes a lot but generally this is what I expect):

6.30am wakes up (sometimes he wakes for his 5am feed and just stays awake though- boo!)

6.30-7.30 feed and I doze

7.30-8.30 we dress and go downstairs. He watches cartoons in his bouncer whilst I clean the kitchen and have breakfast. His favourite cartoon is Mike the Knight!

8.30-11 go back to the nursery and feed. Playtime and sing song with me and my husband. I have a shower if I can get away!

11-12.30 hopefully Thomas will nap! (although this only happens a few times a week…but I live in hope that this will become a daily occurrence!)

12.30-2 feeding Thomas and I have lunch

2-4 We go to the gym with my husband and go for a walk whilst he is in the gym then we go food shopping or for a walk in town.

Always home by 4 for a feed as Thomas naps again around 3.30-4pm for an hour. He can only nap in the day time if his dad holds him and lets him fall asleep on his chest. He can’t self sooth yet and he can’t fall asleep on me or next to me- as he just wants feeding constantly (actually even when he is full he still insists on comfort feeding, so I am trying to stop him from doing that by giving him to his dad!). So I usually  take a nap around this time for 1 hour and leave Thomas with his dad for tummy time and a nap :)

5-7.30 feeding frenzy! I have to eat dinner with 1 hand whilst breastfeeding! haha

7.30 go up to give Thomas a bath and feed him in bed…he usually nods off somewhere between 8.30-9.30.

During the night the feeds have got a lot faster…they now only take 20 mins or so and he falls back to sleep :). His feeds during the night are at 11.30-12, 1.30, 3.30 and 5am.

During the night he co-sleeps with me. In the daytime he either sleeps on his dad, or we move him to his moses basket once he has fallen asleep. I enjoy the co-sleeping at the moment as I am still breastfeeding a lot during the night..but I do hope to get him sleeping in his own cot at some point! but he just screams until he is sick and can’t breathe when I try it now, so I think he is still too young to let him cry out. I am currently reading up on no-cry alternatives.

nappingAll this feeding has allowed Thomas to gain a decent amount of weight :) he lost weight in the first month so it was important to me to get him looking like a healthy chubby baby :) in the last 2 weeks alone he has gained 2lbs :) so at 2 months (9 weeks) he is 12lbs 6oz. This is nearly double his birth weight which was 6lbs 14oz.weight gain

This is my favourite outfit :) It was a present from my aunt :) Thomas is wearing 0-3 month clothing now which will fit until he gets to 14lbs… if he keeps gaining weight then the outfits will only last another  2 weeks!! eek! a real little person nowI still carry him around a lot….although he is a lot better at being by himself now. For example I can leave him in his cot when I have a shower and he just enjoys looking at his musical mobile and laughs to himself! he can also stay in his bouncer and watch TV when I clean or cook. He would NEVER do this in the 1st month. As he can go for 2 hours between feeds now, I can take him out for walks and shopping….although sometimes it doesn’t go well and he ends up screaming for food and I will have to breastfeed in the gym changing rooms or put him under my t-shirt in the park haha. But I am getting more confident about breastfeeding in public now. I have even invested in an NCT sling which helps to support him (my back hurts sometimes) and cover everything up when I feed in public. The only down side is that he falls a sleep so quickly because it’s so hot and dark under there that he never empties my breasts! so I tend to only use the sling when I am out of the house.
I love him!I’m getting used to the lack of sleep I hardly notice it now :) and I am more prepared now also- for example my husband bought me a nursing chair as my back was killing me with all the breastfeeding I was doing!

Other facts about Thomas:

  • He hates being swaddled!
  • He had his BCG injection this month and was fine :)
  • But his 8 week vaccinations SUCKED big time, he cried the whole day :(
  • He won’t take a dummy

My 2 month post-partum update will be up soon!

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