Thomas’ 1st Birthday Bash

We had a small gathering of family and a couple of friends over the weekend to celebrate Thomas’ birthday. I must say that Thomas absolutely LOVED all of the attention. In fact he thrived on it, he really knows how to charm a crowd! not shy at all! (he must get it from his dad!)

We ordered some decorations during the week, collected the cake on Friday and spent all of Saturday morning preparing food. Thomas helped with the unpacking of course…

I got most of the food from M&S the day before- sandwiches, meat and seafood platters, quiches, tapas platters, enchilladas, salad, quinoa salad, dips and sausage rolls amongst other things. I made some prawn sandwiches and cheese sandwiches that little people could eat too (as well as adults).

The cupcakes were from Waitrose and I ordered the cake from Anthea’s Celebration Cakes. She makes such wonderful cakes and I would highly recommend her to anyone living in the area.


I sent hubby out to collect the balloons that morning and he decorated the downstairs of our house whilst Thomas and I were napping :) I was so happy that we could re-use the blue rose petals and personalised bunting we got made for Thomas’ christening- we hung it on the front of the dining table.




Only my family were invited as I wanted to keep it small. My cousins have young children- 9 months, 18 months and 26 months old. Luckily we could all just about fit in our dining room!



My friends came up from London and Northampton too, although they stayed in the kitchen most of the time. My dad was in his element as he always loves talking politics with my friends!



Thomas was very excited and was a little devil with all the girls!



Thomas loves the attention he gets from his great grandmother. We did try to get a photo with the great grandchildren all sitting together with her, but Thomas stole some car keys from 18 months old Florence, who then cried, and it all went downhill from there!



Thomas and 9 month old Jack got along fabulously- I hope they will be the best of friends.



Thomas loves blonde hair- I have to teach him not to pull it though!! (he really went for a blonde curly haired girl at soft play the other day and really pulled her hair, he did it twice, she wasn’t impressed!)


His 1st birthday cake was a Winnie the Pooh cake. It was meticulously made, I was so upset when I had to cut into it! I wanted to keep it forever! It was dairy free too!!




Auntie Kirsty helped with the opening of the presents…


We got him a water play table for his present and some books (which we were going to get him anyway). Nothing too expensive as he is only 1, I don’t understand people that spend a fortune when he won’t even understand what’s going on!


Look at all the books he got for his birthday presents!! We love books in this household! I can’t wait to read them all to him! I read the Peter Rabbit puppet book to him yesterday and he didn’t understand when he had to cuddle or shake his hand, but as soon as I said kiss the rabbit- Thomas gave the bunny and big albeit very sloppy kiss- heart melts :)


He got lots of other things too- puzzles, dinosaurs, bath toys and aunty Kirsty got him a spinning see-saw that was recommended by Dulwich Mums Society- so it must be good apparently! We’ve only just assembled it though, so the jury is still out on that one! 😉

The most important thing was that all the family could get together and we made some wonderful memories! Thomas had a wonderful time, and even though he doesn’t know what a birthday is yet, he certainly knew something special was happening!

Happy Birthday to my baby boy! growing up way too fast! xoxo

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