Munchkin Meals – Thomas’ Food at 8 Months

This month has been hectic, uneventful, but hectic! We have been trying to get in study everyday as my husband has to finish his PhD thesis in the next few months….so it’s been a juggle trying to keep Thomas entertained whilst also writing a thesis! We stayed in everyday, just playing with Thomas, taking turns getting him to nap and feed him and studying.So when I say ‘uneventful’ I meant very very busy, but doing nothing exciting!

The most exciting thing that I did was make Thomas his dinners! Luckily this month he has been SUPER good with his food. I’ve even tried banana again and he was fine with it! hoo-rah!


Like last month, I’ve been giving him a mixture of purées and finger foods. His favourite is broccoli …. I can put a selection of things in front of him and it’s always the FIRST thing he goes for- good boy!

Thomas has a milk allergy and I was really upset that I couldn’t give him yoghurt. So I did some research and got some CO YO coconut yoghurt and he LOVED it….and I mean totally and utterly loved it….he just kept eating and eating and eating….I eventually  had to stop him as he would have given himself a stomach ache as it was a big tub of yoghurt!!

coconut yoghurt monster
coconut yoghurt monster

For meals this month I have been staying away from eggs and nuts as well as bread and milk. As these are the things I think he reacts to. Here are some things I did give:

wpid-CAM00527.jpgPea, Avocado and Salmon Purée


Pear Purée with broccoli and carrots


Vegetable Pasta


Roast chicken dinner Purée with broccoli


Sweet potato mash with avocado (healthy fats) and tomato

Things that I am really struggling with are breakfasts. Without milk and eggs it’s difficult to think of ideas. Thomas had stomach aches after baby rice, weetabix and oats…so I am really running out of ideas. I only give banana and coconut yoghurt occasionally as I do think they make his reflux worse, so only really give them when I want him to get some extra vitamins and variety. I end up giving him pear purée most mornings as he gets constipation and I’m trying to ease it. But I think it may be a little boring!

Does anyone have any breakfast ideas for a 8 month old with a cow’s milk allergy?

Anyway, I am really happy with how this month turned out, no new reactions to anything :) Next up to try out is quinoa and lentils to give him some variety from sweet potatoes and butternut squash!

I am linking this post to Munchkin Meals , thanks Brittany for hosting!


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