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IMG_3476-2-EditSorry for the delay in writing a new post! But I’ve been super busy!

Baby Thomas came into the world on the 2nd July!

Here is his story-

On the night of Sunday 30th June I had period like pains every 10 then 5 mins through the night. I was happy as I thought I was finally feeling those Braxton Hicks contractions that everyone talks about! but I had never experienced! Then, the following day I went to my 40 week midwife appointment (on Monday 1st July at 3.40). When the midwife was doing her tummy check, my waters broke all over her table! LOL this gave her a shock! Looking  back, I am pleased they broke where they did!

She checked to see how dilated I was and I was 6cm! So she told me to hurry home and start filling my birth pool. By the time I got home and set everything up and the midwives came (2 midwives and a student midwife!), I was contracting more but had gone back to being only 4cm dilated probably because of the shock and my waters breaking. I was also upset because the usual midwife I had been seeing was not working that day :(

Labour progressed a little, the first stages really didn’t hurt as much as I expected them to! They are just like bad period pains  that last for a minute or two and come back every 5 mins! By 8pm these pains got a lot stronger and I got into the birthing pool! I sent my husband and dad out for food as I was worrying I had nothing to offer the midwives to eat! haha. Then I was told that the midwives who had been with me since 4pm were leaving as their shift finished at 9pm and 3 new midwives were on their way! I was a bit stressed about this, but the pains were getting so strong that I really didn’t even have time to debate it, and just went with the flow! As it happened, the three new midwives that came were lovely!

By 11pm I went into established labour- ouch! This is the painful part of labour!!!! I grabbed hold of the sides of the birthing pool and held my husband’s hands. The doppler machine to check the baby’s heartbeat kept fading out and the midwives were worried that they couldn’t hear anything and kept making me stand up to check for a heart beat. Then, every 15 mins they also had to check my blood pressure. All this sitting up and down caused me so much stress that in the end I just stood up in the pool! I started pushing around midnight and my contractions slowed down a little and the midwives kept telling me to push harder as they still couldn’t find the heartbeat! I got very stressed by this point and just pushed as hard as I could! Baby Thomas popped out at 12.40am all at once! I was hoping to get the head out first and then do small pushes to stop tearing- but he decided to come out very quickly! (was it the raspberry leaf tea? or was it me panicking that they couldn’t find a heartbeat? or was it the fact I chose to stand up and gravity did its job?!)

All in all, my labour was 9 hours long- not bad!!

Water really helped and because of the shock and rush I didn’t even think to use paracetamol or gas and air!

As Thomas came out all at once and quickly I had a 2nd degree tear- but no stitches. At my last check up the doctor said it has fully healed already :)

Thomas had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck 3 times poor thing. But had a 9 apgar score at 1 minute and then a score of 10 after 5 minutes so he was pretty happy!! Thomas weighed 6lbs 14oz.

A few hours old
A few hours old

I then had to wait another hour for my placenta to be delivered….which I got encapsulated. The lady who encapsulated my placenta came that morning and also made me a placenta smoothy! it was good! and my milk came in on day 1 and i have had so much energy even with only 2 hours sleep a night, which I put down to the placenta.

I had a nightmare of a time breastfeeding- at first everyone thought Thomas had tongue tie as he wouldn’t latch on :( he didn’t eat anything at all for 2 days….until I got so stressed I called the community midwife to come out and she helped me get colostrum out to feed Thomas something by hand.  By day 5 he had lost a lot of weight :( I had a lot of help getting him to breastfeed….he did eventually latch on….but not very well….I didn’t sleep at all for around 10 days, I also got very engorged and this caused a mastitis infection :( By day 10 Thomas had lost even more weight so the midwife wouldn’t discharge me yet. However, on day 10 Thomas suddenly went from not feeding at all to the complete opposite of feeding constantly! hoo-rah!! and by day 14 he has nearly gone back up to his birth weight :)

Thomas is now 3 weeks old- and still feeding lots! I think he is making up for not eating much those first 10 days! haha. Anyway, even if I had to breastfeed for 5 hours straight- it’s all worth it! (he is now over 7lbs and I have finally been discharged) and hopefully in the next few weeks the crazy feeding will sort itself out :)

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