About Me

Hi, my name is Susan!

I started Happy Healthy Mumma in March 2013. Please be patient with me as I am up to my eyeballs in nappies right now and I know I have so much to do on this blog! I will get there eventually!

I don’t have a degree in nutrition or anything (I do have a PhD in social science) but I have read a lot about health and healthy lifestyles and am trying to spread the love of healthy food as I think it creates happy healthy families :)

I LOVE food and enjoy eating, I can’t diet, and i LOVE baking! Luckily, I also love going to the gym and going for runs, so this helps me burn off all the calories!

I love running…one of the best 10k runs was the Longleat 10k..in January…freezing weather…ice on roads and really hilly!! dangerous! haha

When I’m not exercising I am spending time with my husband, we got married in July 2012 in Buckinghamshire, UK. He is from Bangkok, Thailand….but we met at university in Bath. Before I met him I did live in Thailand for around 4 years and can speak Thai so I think that’s why we got along so well so quickly :)


Thomas was born in July 2013 and we will all be heading back to Bangkok to start a new life there in 2014! (or whenever my husband finally finishes his thesis…). Life in Thailand is very different from here and moving with a small baby will certainly be challenging! But as I work in international development and my husband is planning on starting his own business…we hope that we can make a better life for ourselves and  then return to England when Thomas starts school.

Anyway, my aims for this blog are:
To meet other mums and share experiences in a non-judgemental and friendly way
To share healthy recipes
To meet new people and inspire
To help me remain sane as a SAHM

That about sums me up….. nice to meet you!

Here is baby T with his dad…

The two loves of my life
The two loves of my life

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